End of the year…. snow!


Well this week between Christmas and New Year has always been one of those strange ones for me.  Something always seems to come up, or happen.  And this year has not disappointed me…. It snow… Now when I say snow… I mean we have had 3 or 4 FEET of snow in the last 36 hours.  Crazy, and now the temperature is in the single digits… more snow coming.  Yeah a good time to hibernate!

I made home made cheesy, broccoli potato soup today, with sliced ham for sandwiches. Mighty fine indeed.   I worked on researching from home today as it was to snowy and cold to go into the Lucy Bensley Center.  I could get there, but some of the roads were not plowed good, and the wind was blowing the snow around, and it was snowing and I decided it was good to stay home.  Then by the end of the day, with all the snow and the extreme cold, we decided to stay closed for the week and take a little break.

Back to my researching… You can through, a subscription at newspaper.com ,research a lot of the old newspapers.  If you go to the Concord Historical Society Webpage, you even get a discount, and we get a % back (www.concordnyhistoricalsociety.org) and then all you have to do is plug in the name or business you want to search and a time frame… and search, and you will not believe all that pops up.  Making history come alive and readable on the newspapers of the time.  It is absolutely amazing!  I am research one person and I just keep finding out interesting facts about him… all the jobs and groups he belong to, what he did, his family, his business…. if you have never try it, come down to the Lucy Bensley Center ( next year in January) and let me show you how fun and fast it is.  There was even a mention of this person in a Ireland paper!

Tomorrow, since we are closed, I am staying in my PJs, grabbing a big mug of coffee, paper and pen for notes, turning on some tunes and researching.  A fun day for me indeed.  Yes, I should be cleaning the house more, or working on some of the facebook pages I help with, but tomorrow I am taking a day for me and playing by reading old papers, and enjoy the history that unfolds.  The cats will enjoy me being home to snuggle up next to me while I read online.  A perfect day I am thinking!

1st Milestone of my Gluten Free Journey




4 weeks ago today I started to go gluten free.  I did weigh myself this morning, and had not loss any weight, HOWEVER, my pants are starting to fit looser, so I did measure myself and will continue to do so and see what happens.

Today is also Christmas so Merry Christmas to all.  We are going over to my inlaws for a early dinner and gifts for the kid, so I am going to try a biscuit recipe to take with us.  My Daughter in gave me a recipe that she uses.  She has recently found out that she has a celiac condition, and has been one of my support people through all of this.  Her recipe was easy… 1 cup gluten free flour, 1 tsp Baking Powder, 1/2 tsp salt, (I used half of that), 1/2 cup milk, 2 Tablespoon Mayo… bake at 375 until tops are brown.  It makes about 6 biscuits.  I doubled the recipe and it made 12 with no problem…. I had to cook them for about 20 minutes, (see above photo of left over biscuits)  but I did have them on the lower rake, so they may cook faster on a middle rake.  I had to try one before I took them over and they were good, a little dry, but that can sure be adjusted.

All who tried them liked them, I thought they were good, we had roast beef, 3 types of fresh vegetables, cooked , salad, applesauce, cottage cheese rolls ( mine and regular rolls) …. for dessert we had sweets and sherbet.  My mother in law purchased a gluten free double chocolate brownies for me, and it was good, she was also wonderful as she did check the sherbet and it was gluten free.   So I was able to eat gluten free for the whole meal!  My daughter had brought scallop  cheesy potatoes, but they were made with cream of chicken soup, which had flour, so I could not have them, but had plenty of food to eat.

Been checking Mexican food to see what I can eat, and it is confusing.  Some brands of the food I can, some I can not. If it is made of corn yes, if flour is added no. Of course home made makes it easier to figure out.  Thomas, my husband found some chicken/Mexican mix in the freezer section that is gluten free, picked that up, some refried beans and gluten free soft shell to use.  So maybe tomorrow night we will have that. I am going to have to search this some more.

I think it is time for me to have my afternoon coffee, with a few chocolate candies… gluten free, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Gluten Free Day 26







The weather has been crazy…. 3 feet of snow one week, green grass and rain this week, with more snow coming and temperatures dropping to single digits. Through it all, I have found more food to try, and hot tea and coffee are my companions.  ( don’t fret, there is a huge container of water ,64 ounces, that is always next to my computer that I drink from all the time)  Yesterday I got a lot of house work done for me.  just keep doing a little at a time, then sitting down and reading, or doing computer work for a while, then up and doing another thing on my check list.  I have found if I keep a list of what I want to do each day near me and work on it, I can not only get the items checked off, but see that I am doing something and getting things accomplished.

I tried Progresso, Spilt Peas Soup yesterday for lunch.  It was ok.  I guess, the peas seem like they were not cooked all the way, but the overall taste was decent. Tonight we are having Hormal chili, which I love, so I know it is good.  This morning I got brave and tried another bread I had picked up.  Canyon Bakehouse, 100% whole Grain, Ancient Grain Bread.  Now reading the label I see that yes it is Gluten Free, also it is Dairy, Soy, and Nut free.  I have had it sitting on my counter now for almost 2 weeks.  I had tried and liked the Schar bread, and just could not imagine something that was Dairy, Soy, Nut and Gluten free, would taste like anything.  The way I try bread first is toasted.  I like things crunchy, so that is a plus, right off the bat.  Then if it has a good taste, that is better.  I toasted it up, added some fresh butter ( my homemade butter by the way) place it with some fruit on my plate for breakfast.  Had my cup of coffee in hand, because if it tasted bad, I was just going to wash it down with coffee… fast.  You know what?  for being free of so many things… I almost think I like it better than Schar brand of bread.  Not as gummy, if that makes any sense, and has a more whole grain taste to it ( well duh.. it is 100% whole grain) .Ok, we will try a sandwich and see if I still like it.  I will report on that later.

We went to Ponderosa last night for dinner.  We have not been there in maybe a year or more.  I really wanted fried shrimp.. I am missing my fried food, but settled for the grilled Salmon.  I got some wild rice from the buffet along with some carrots, beets, and corn.  When the Salmon came out it had a baked potato with it.  Now I thought if you got the buffet with your meat, that was all you got was the meat… guess I learned my lesson there.  But I was surprised how good the grilled Salmon was, with the rice and other veggies I was full and did not miss having fresh bread with it.  Had some sweet tea with the meal, and I am not really missing having soda pop any more.  Guess my body is adjusting to these new taste… or maybe I am just stubborn enough to think so.

We will be going over to my in-laws for Christmas dinner.  My mother in law, who is a fantastic cook, knows I am going gluten free so as she makes some of the food she is being careful for me, even thou I told her not to worry, as I could bring my own food.  There will be plenty of veggies and salad, she is roasting the meat, so good there.  I am making some gluten free biscuits for me and a few for anyone that ones to try them.  I just will not be eating any cakes or cookies, or having Gravy on my food, although, I do have packets of McCormick’s gravy that I might take with me and make up, so I can indeed have gravy.  Now that is funny in my mind.  As I think of the food I can eat and can not eat at my in laws house, my mind automatically went to what could I take so I could still enjoy the food.  WOW, I guess my mind is changing… as always one choice at a time, one item at a time and one day at a time!





Here it is 4 days before Christmas, 10 days before a new year starts.  Today is winter solace, as well as my mother in laws birthday.  Now the sun will stay out a more each day.  So this week I have had good days and bad days…. days where I could move with no problems and days where ever single movement brought pain.

At the Lucy Bensley Center where I volunteer 3 days a week, I got a lot of things done… post pre made for pages, information researched, emails answered, photos scanned and then edited and save again, family genealogy research that was hard to find on the shelves, now each name has its own magazine box with hand written pages, books, notebooks, spiral spine books or photos included… in alphabetic order.  the above picture is when I stopped for a break and took a photo of the work in progress. Now we have 4 full shelves of organized information… may need to work on more shelves… what a wonderful problem that will be as that means we have that much more ready here for people to come in and use when they research.   That was something that we wanted done for a long time. I assist Echoes Through Time, Civil War Museum with some research for a solider who may or may not qualify for the Medal of Honor for capturing a flag, that is fun research, but also frustrating at the same time. Finding out those details takes looking into several sites, and then some more, books, battle reports, ….aarghhh.  I broke down all the cardboard boxes that have been laying around here waiting for the trash, cleaned out some notebooks and re organized them. I also write some articles for the Springville Times and got two of them researched and one written up. One is on a local group we had during the 40s, 50s, and I think 60s… time will tell, called the Rough Riders.  A group of like minded folks that had horses and assisted in herding sheep, cattle, horse, helping to find lost animals and people too I am sure, went or trail rides, were in parades.. finding out some really fun facts about them. I have kept up with my blog.  Oh I got my DNA results back and started my family tree, so did some research for me as well. So I feel like this has been a week of accomplishments for me.

I did some more research for gluten free items and where to find them.. I swear, that is going to take forever.. ever time I find one thing I have 5 more questions and more looking I want to do.  I also have felt like I was not grounded.  Sure that is not going to make sense to some of you, but you know, when you go outside and just sit and soak up sunshine, or the outdoors and how you feel like you are recharged…. I just feel like I need to do that, and it is cold outside now so, I plug in my salt lamp to see if that helps me. Bumped up my Vitamin D, because .. well, it just that time of the year.

Now if my energy level stays up, I am hoping to get all my clothes that are washed, dried and folded put up tonight, do the dishes that are in the sink and make more coffee for the refrigerator.  If I can get all of that done today… I will feel like I got a lot done, and pat myself on the back.  I think sometimes we need to set goals and try to accomplish them, and then take a moment to feel good about it.  Some days my goal is just to make it to the evening hours, other days, I can set goals of doing several things and then doing them.  I think we need to not feel bad about not reaching a goal, maybe we just need to readjust the goal, or try again.  Always stop and appreciate yourself… I think we forget to do that sometimes, and we are not good to any one else if we are not in good shape.  Take care of yourself, then it is easier to take care of others.  Enjoy the Day and Happy Winter Solaces!

Tis the season





My back is so much better today…. Using my herbs regularly that my herbalist Sara Sorci  gave me.. And today I got a wonderful email from her.  She is reading all of my post and making recommendations along the way… that is what you really need if you are going to try to go Gluten free and that is a support system, of folks, family or friends that will help, encourage and give you ideas.  Trying this alone is only setting yourself up for failure.  I have such a wonderful support group and that is making it so easy for me.

So today I tried Amy’s Broccoli and pasta with cheese, it was really good.  I had that and a orange for lunch… then we went out to Julie’s restaurant.  You can get any of their pasta dishes with gluten free pasta… which I think is awesome and thank them for doing so. I got the Shrimp scampi tonight and let me tell you, you could not tell the difference at all!  OMG it was wonderful. I was so full.  My friend Jennifer was with us, with one of her friends that just came home to be with family for Christmas.  We all had a great meal and conversation.  At the end, Jennifer wanted a dessert, she choose it to go as she felt bad eating it front of me.  But I really did not mind, I was not craving it and could have and would have continue to talk to her while she ate it.  But she was sure I would be resenting it deep down.  Somehow… while I am doing this gluten free adventure, everything is just falling place.  It really would not have bothered me at all, but I do appreciate her thinking of me like that.

My husband brought some treats home from some of his customers, and thought one was fudge.  Now fudge I should be able to eat, and he brought me the container.  When I opened it, it was not fudge, but the home made cookies that are small, with fudge, coconuts, nuts on top.  That is ok, I will just take them with me tomorrow to the Lucy Bensley Center and when other folks come in they are welcome to them.  And you know what… that did not bother me, not the smell, which was divine.. but I really did not want one.  I am not sure why, or how, but this time the road I have chosen to go down, just seems to be working, and I am going with it.

As always, one choice at a time, one day at a time, Educating along the way.  Having a support group and friends, makes this journey I am going on easier than I ever thought possible.  Thanks to all of you for helping me!

My Gluten Free road continues!



I had a hard time sleeping last night due to pain in my hip and lower back.  I tried heat, ice, rubs… and knew I needed to get out and walk.  Now I need flat surfaces to walk on, so I headed up to Wal Mart early in the morning and walked the aisle.  All of them, and after walking 1,500 steps ( according to my fitbit) my hip/back finally freed up and I could move.

I still had time before I needed to be at the Lucy Bensley Center where I volunteer so I headed over to Tops to do more walking and see what they had gluten free.  I found out that they do not have just a section where Gluten free items are, but rather, they are scattered amongst all the food.  Ok, this may be a challenge.  So I am walking aisle again.  Now where Walmart has tags on the shelves that say.. Gluten free items, or look for gluten free items, next to the items that are so, Tops does not, so you really had to read and check labels.  I did seem to find them where the healthy choices item were located on the shelves. I did find some gluten free bisquick mix that I wanted to try, and several crackers, and in the freezer section they had more Amy’s frozen meals.  So grabs one or two more of those to try.  They did not carry the Udi’s products I wanted, but did indeed have several other brands, and sweets in the freezer section, so more options for sure.  I also notices that Nature Valley had breakfast bars, Peanut butter and dark chocolate gluten free… oh yummmmm, got a box of them.  So between Wal mart and Tops I do have more choices to chose from .. Still have to check out other stores….

For my morning break I had one of those Nature Valley peanut butter and dark chocolate breakfast bars.  It was Awesome!  Better than the Great Value one I had gotten at Wal mart.  I will admit, I did not look for these at Walmart, but if you see them, they are a 5 star in my book.   For lunch I had left over sweet potatoes, cheese and the Breton Black Bean crackers, and a orange.  MMMM looking at that after I typed it, seems like I had a orange color lunch.  but it was might fine.  I love yams, or sweet potatoes anyhow, and these were cooked to a perfect softness I like.  I had sharp cheese and cracker.  Now the Breton Crackers I got, were good, my only complaint I have…. and it might just be this box… was they crumbled easily.  I had a slice of cheese on top and when I would bite into the crack and cheese, the cracker just fell apart in sections.  All the ones I ate did the same, so this is something I will need to look into, but will try another box and see if that is a common problem, maybe just how it was packed in my take home bag.

Tomorrow I am going to try the Amy’s food bowl I got,  I choose three so not sure which one I am going to try, but will keep you posted on that.  I drank my cold tea today, and then water.  In using heat in the house and place where I work, seem to be more thirsty, so I am trying to increase my water drinking.  Over all I think I had a good day today.  Got some walking in, checked out Tops, will have to go back when I have more time and really look and see what all that they carry, found some interesting articles for a person doing some research and came home and was able to take a short nap, before we went out to a Christmas gathering.  Not a bad day at all.

Day 21 Gluten Free




Today marks my 21st day of consciously being gluten free.  What a surprise I got when I opened my email.  I had submitted my DNA and there were the results!  What a great reward for me.  Yesterday we got ham and Sweet potatoes for the crockpot.. Added a little Brown sugar, and it is good to go.  My husband had gotten a larger ham so we could use it for a few meals…. Wow, It was a good price.  I went to cut it up, and there were not one, but two bones in it, ok just means I have to cut at angles.  Ended up with enough for two meals in the crock pot and three large ziplocks with meals size chunks in them!  I have white and sweet potatoes left over.  The piece that has the bone in it, is going to be great when I make my homemade split pea soup.  I have all the ingredients too.   Even thou I am disappointed at not finding all the items I want that are gluten free in the stores, I am finding that my pantry does indeed have enough to create meals now.  Yea Me. After the first of the year, when things settle down, I am going to different grocery stores and list what each has that is gluten free, and which ones have not much at all.  I then will decided if I am going to order the food online.  I am hoping to get to Orchard Fresh in the next week, and start there.  They should have a lot of gluten free items.  Guess time will tell.

Have plenty of eggs and got two different kinds of gluten free flour, brown sugar, honey, baking soda, and baking powder… should be able to create a lot of fun things now. I have noticed that I do not crave sweet or salty food like I use to.  Wonder if that is something that is normal.  I picked up some gluten free pizza dough, I could cut the ham up into small pieces, that would be good… Oh!  I know!  quiche!  I have the eggs, cheese, onions, I am sure I have a recipe for a crust I can do using gluten free flour.  I forgot, that my friend Jennifer just made some and they sounded so good.  Going to see if her recipe and mine are the same and make some.

It is sure getting easier to make the choices of not having gluten, and yes there are a few things I miss, but working on finding them Gluten free or recipes so I can still enjoy them.  It is funny how when I shop now, I look for the gluten free seal, or sit there and read the ingredients… there was one can of soup, that I look fast and did not see it, so started to read the label… all of it, thinking, well I did not see where there was any flour or wheat in it, but shouldn’t it say if it was gluten free?.. keep reading and reading and when I moved my hand the last time… there is was … a tiny gluten free seal.  Geez, which they would have made that one bigger.  Then there are some food items that the gluten free seal just  Pops right out at you GLUTEN FREE.  I wish they were all the same size and same color.  but then I guess you would not really read their labels.

Now with hypothyroidism, one of the symptoms is hair loss, it just falls out all over the place.  I have noticed thou, that in the last week it does not seem to be falling out as much.  I do know my skin is not as dry, or blotchy.  So I do think I am starting to see something from going gluten free.  My pain levels are not as intense and I am walking more, so all in all, I think we are on a path to some healing and feeling better.  So happy I have a support system in place to help me, and are willing to accept I am not going to eat anything that has gluten in it.  They are welcome to, but none of them are pushing me to try one bite, or saying it won’t hurt.  They are all behind me 100% and that in itself does make each choice I make easier.  One day at a time, one choice at a time, educating myself along the way.