What wonderful food I am finding!

I am amazed at the wonderful food choices I am getting now that I am gluten free.  The photo on the left is showing a sweet potato breakfast bowl with cranberries, nuts, and a cinnamon sauce, at our local NEW Coffee shop.  They are also carrying home made baked good, a chocolate brownie with peanut butter icing, cookies, another type of a bake good, so far all have been just wonderful!.  On the right is a picture I took at another coffee shop in a town nearby, they offer every sandwich on corn taco shells… and let me tell you, this one was sooooooo good, and yes I had to take some home with me.

Since I have chosen to be Gluten Free, the choices I am finding at different places we go out to eat are just amazing.  The little pizza place we have in town, will fix any of their pizza in a small size, gluten free, and have chicken fingers that are gluten free, oh yea and most of the dishes that are serve with noodles…. except Lasagna… and I am working with them on that… because it is so good.  They are thinking about it.  My husband is a shriner and we went to a meal they offered there… a fish fry.  I wanted to support the Lodge, but knew I did not want a fish fry.  I was surprised when there was three different kinds of fish baked and or grilled I could chose from.  AND they would cook up “naked” chicken wings for me.  ( for those that do not know… that is a chicken wing, just fried, no breading, not dipped in batter, just fried) Now that is the one thing I am craving after 4 months is fried chicken or fish.  Well I got some wings to bring home for the next day, and Folks, let me tell you , they were really good, and hit the spot that was craving the fried food.  I can not wait to go back!

My family is being so supportive of me now, we had Easter dinner at my in laws house, and everyone there that brought food, and we all did, was careful about how the food was made, or brought me a different choose.  I brought my own bread,  mom was great and did not add flour for the gravy, but corn starch instead, all of the salad dressing were gluten free, lots of freshly cooked vegetables, and the salad had fresh fruit and nuts in it. For desert she had made a fruit and whipped cream, and after eating all the veggie and salad, along with ham was a perfect ending to a great meal!  This week we also picked up some maple kettle korn pop corn, … and yes it is good.

The Girl Scouts had their cookie sale, and they now carry one type of gluten free cookies, a Oatmeal / peanut butter/ with chocolate chips.  Not as good as the thin mints I love, but not bad at all.  And I have found 3 places not that bake gluten free goods, and oh this journey I am on is getting easier, and yes the reason I started it was to lower my pain levels as I have fibromyalgia and lower back degeneration and it has worked on lower my pains.  I also notice, I do not have as much heart burn as I use to, nor do I feel so tight, like I was full of gas, and I seem to be more regular… so I think that I am getting a benefit from that, and my skins seems to be softer… more color to it… So I think over all it seems to be working!

I still take life one day at a time, still enjoy life one choice at a time, try to do all I can, and still pace myself to be able to do all I can.  Still have days, where I do not want to do anything, no drive, no energy, but I am starting to have days with energy, and the drive to not only do something, but to go out and do it!

Now the one downfall I have…. I now feel like walking more, so I have been trying to bump up my steps for each day ( fitbit tracked) and…. well … my body I guess was not ready for all of that as now I have a achilles tendon that is not only flared up pain wise, but swollen and makes walking hard…. so I will have to re adjust, brace and baby the achilles tendon, rest it, ice/heat, support when I walk… for a while.  Oh well, life comes with bumps along the way, just adjust and try again!

Happy 63 Birthday to me, and my new life style to enjoy the golden years with my husband, family and friends!

almost 4 months!

Gluten free has become a way of life for me.  I have learned how to go out to eat and choose different foods …. Do I still miss fried food… absolutely.  But I am learning how to adjust.  McDonald’s will serve anything without bread… which is nice, one of the places we go served a egg Benedict on hash browns instead of biscuits, it was yummy.  Restaurants are offering gluten free chooses now, I have found several places to purchase gluten free products around here… and several places online, so I can always get a good price.

Now if I can just get over this flu/cold/allergy bug, I would be much happier.  When I am not feeling well, I like chicken noodle, and I just did not feel like making it from scratch so I did not have any…sigh, guess I will have to make some up and freeze it so I will have it on hand.

I have been taking care of my friends cats while they are off and have been taking my camera and getting some great photos this week.  I do love taking my photos … Got some great hawk photos, birds and of course snow… everywhere…. in the sun, shadows, yep all of it!


Can you believe 3 months gluten Free?~


I am going to pat myself on the back.  3 months gluten free…. I have done it.  Had some good days, some days where I craved food that had gluten… like a donut, fried chicken, cookies… But, I stuck with it, and found some really great food!  This little bakery shop Vin-Chet.  OMG… if you want so fantastic bake goods, fresh bread, even Pizza, this is the place to go, OR if you can find it in the stores buy it.  I highly recommend it.  I had a Chocolate~peanut butter dessert that just melted in my mouth.  We watched them as they made Pizza and wrapped it up for sale at Stores… and the bread … you could smell it as it baked.   They also had some jars of different things like pasta sauce ( bet you did not think that some of the sauces have gluten in them)

I have found some great pre made cookies in the refrigerator section of the store… you know they type, you separate them and place them on the cookie sheet to bake.  They were wonderful.  And I have found some dry mixes for Chocolate chip gluten free cookies, will try them next.  AND the absolutely best…. Girl Scout have even made a Gluten free cookies!  My niece was selling them and I got 2 packages and let me tell you , they were really good.

They say it takes 6 weeks of doing something to make a bad habit…. and 12 weeks to undo that habit.  So I wonder, does being gluten free, make this a good habit now… I hope so,  making the choice to have a hamburger without the bun, or grilled fish, instead of fried, choosing jello or fresh fruit for dessert instead of cake, it is easier so maybe it is getting to be a good habit now.

The last few days I have not been feeling well, like everyone else… nothing a lot of sunshine and warmth, would not help me get over, but will look at photos for now.  During this time, I use to love having chicken noodle soup, which I am still having, but now, instead of coming our a can, now I make my own, with gluten free noodles,  or wild rice with  chicken broth, taste really good to me.  Still working on crackers I like… I have tried a few of them, just not always crazy about them.  I like them, but just not excited about any of them.

My pain management that I am doing, seems to be working, and I am walking more, so that has help, but the main absolutely  most positive result is I am sleeping again.  Maybe not a lot at one time, but I am sleeping.  That always helps me during the day.  I am still drinking lots of water, and not eating anything if possible with preservatives in it, and thus not very many pre made items, so fresh and from scratch is the way now.

Continuing to make a choice to be Gluten Free, one day at a time, one item at a time… and researching each day!


Well, I am starting to feel a lot better since I have gone gluten free.  I have noticed that my heartburn has almost left.  Interesting, wonder if that is what caused my heartburn, eating the gluten… will keep you posted.  I also have been on a new pain management program now for 10 days now, and wow, what a difference!.  Think we are on the right path for sure.

For the last week, I have slowly been getting sicker and sicker, and I guess it was my time to be sick.  Sunday morning, we headed down to the Ashford Junction Store for breakfast, and ended up meeting several friends there, so we ate at one large table and caught up with each other.  I also am staff for the Historical building on the Erie County Fair grounds, and even though the Fair is not until Aug 8th thru 19th, we have started having meetings and starting to get all the demonstrators lined up for the 10 day events.  We will ( 4 of us) rent a camper again, which makes it so much easier to work there, without traveling back and forth to the house, carrying all I need for the Butter churning demos, and my camera, because I take photos of course, and my old fashion clothes, and my needled felting pictures, and well, you get the idea.

After breakfast, we decided to take a “Sunday” drive and really enjoyed it.  Taking photos and enjoying the Spring like weather it got up to 44 degrees while we were out.  Saw all kind of wildlife, out and enjoying the warmer weather, and the cows and horses were out of the barns today as well.  Took several hours and drove on back roads and past cemeteries that of course are not plowed out yet, but took photos of the cemetery anyway, as well as the area where we traveled even a snowman someone placed in the crossroads.  and a dinosaur!  Deer were everywhere, birds …. crows, ravens, pigeons, small birds were flitting about.  We drove by the yellow submarine that is parked by the side of the road, and some of the other little places we like to go to , we will go back when the weather is better and the snow is gone… then watch out, as we really love driving around taking photos….Then by afternoon, I was sick, so I stayed in bed off and on the rest of the day, and on Monday, that is my game plan.  I am feeling better, so the sun is shinning now, and hopefully I am on the upswing to feeling better.  Got lots of computer work to do this week, as well as giving a talk on Wednesday night for the Historical Society  on the older places located in town where you could purchase items for Valentine day, and what was available… from some that were in 1844, to the 1880s, to the 1907 and 1912, to 1956, 1973, to present… some of the stores lasted several decades!  Thursday, I am talking to home schoolers, about how to research your family history and they will be able to cut some articles out of some old newspapers (don’t panic, these are copies, upon copies of some old ones we have, we kept the best) to be able to see how prices have changed and what all would have been in the paper from the 1920s before the radios and TVs and all the advertising that we have now.  Friday, I have another appointment, follow up and then…. who knows what adventure my week will bring.  So glad that it is becoming easier to stay gluten free and learning the choices, and do not even think about it much anymore.  Still miss some of my foods that I used to eat, like fried Chicken or fish fry, but I will hold on to continue being gluten free, and will learn how to create the fried Chicken and such using gluten free flour and cornmeal…. one meal at a time.

So I will continue to improve my health, day by day, choice by choice, while we line up demostations for my butter churning, with my friend, (we are know as Grandma butter and Aunty Herb) to my  needle felted pictures, to writing articles for the Springville Times called Looking Back with the history of the local area, to focusing on walking more, since my pain levels are down now, to taking photos, and working on several facebook pages for others, to reading for some authors and reviewing their books, to whatever adventures lies ahead of me while I continue to  enjoy my life …. Follow me to see where I go and what happens next!

My Adventure for the day

So, Today I am starting a new pain management program to try to reduce my pain.  I grab my friend to ride along with me as I need to go to Amherst.  You know you may have a strange day, when you park your car, to go inside, and when you come out… there is a huge truck , unloading food for a restaurant.  So we sat there for 15 minutes, but she went out and ask if he could move his truck so we could get out, which he did with no problem.  Ok, 1st hurdle crossed and we are on our way.  Now I am using my GPS, because, even though I know where Amherst is, I am not sure where the building is… all is going well, and then we hit the 33.  Now, my GPS had issues for some reason, because I went on ever part of the clover leaf…. I would get off one, and it would send me to the other one…. After both of us getting the Giggles, we got off and headed in the right direction using her phone as a GPS.  Now we are on a roll and heading off…. only 7 miles away, and mine GPS now wants me to get back on the 290…. arrgghh… so we used hers only and finally find the complex.  Now… next hurdle, we have to find the  number…. it is # 30.  We see # 25, and next to it # 100.  Wait? What?! … Where is #26 thru #99?  So my friend gets out, to see if it is inside the building, nope, on the other side…. geez…. So as we drive around, we see the Lloyd’s Taco truck!!  OMG we know what we are having for lunch. ( they make their own shells, we checked, all corn, and other ingredients were all gluten free)  So on the other side of the building, on the very end… (numbering system, made absolutely no sense) we find #30.  Park and go inside.  The gentleman at the first counter, the first one you talk to … was …. very…. well, serious.  Mmmmm, I guess we have to settle down.  By the time I filled out more forms, and went to the bathroom, it was time to be seen.  I had a very pleasant lady assist me, followed by the pharmacist, who took there time with me, answered every question I had, told me how to take the new meds… and left it as I can call if I have any questions.  Talk about nice!   We went back to the back parking lot and had tacos, very good and worth the wait.  Now back home we come, with a little side trip to Vin Chet, a gluten free Baked good shop.  OMG… talked about excited.  A very little shop, but with so many items in their case from all kinds of sweets, to breads, to pizzas to sauces, noodles, frozen goods… WOW.  I got a heart shaped peanut butter treat, it was great!  My friend go carrot cake and I tried some… it was delious.I will be going back there again!  My GPS knew the way home, and we were back in town by 2pm.  Impressed if I says so myself.  So still staying gluten free, one choice at a time… and having a friend to support me and go with me is priceless!


Enjoying winter

After Acupuncture I went down to the pier in Dunkirk New York.  It seemed balmy even though it was 37.  Ice was still on Lake Erie… chunks and bands of ice, and you could see through some of the surface ice and see designs in the ice.  Birds, geese and ducks, along with sea gulls flew around and sat on the ice.  A great way to enjoy the day, with a cup of coffee, and the sun!

2 Months Gluten Free!!!

Today I am celebrating 2 months of being gluten free!!  2 months of writing this blog, 2 months of trying to take control of my health.  What a journey it has been so far. So to celebrate, I made up a batch of double chocolate cookies that were gluten free to share with my friends  and of course me, who have been supporting me on this adventure.  I have learned so much… still learning, but now I am able to read a label and have some idea of what I am reading. I know which stores carry the most gluten free products, it is a toss up between Target and Wegman’s… what one store does not carry the other one does and they are only a few blocks apart, so makes it easy to go to both on the same day.  I know a few places that now cater to the gluten free crowd with food items on the menu, all I have tried have been mighty tasty.  I still have other places I would love to go and shop at and I will, as well as other restaurants I want to try and see what their food that is gluten free taste like.  I love the fact that McDonald’s offers their hamburgers with no buns for folks that want to go gluten free.  And yes I know that if you have a celiac condition this is not an option. ( they have to have NO GLUTEN, not even cross contamination, it will get them not feeling well~ my daughter in law has that) and then of course, even if you get a few french fries, which in themselves are gluten free, they have been in the same fryer as the chicken fingers which are not (drat) so can be cross contaminated.  so I am learning the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts still, but I have been able to stay gluten free for 2 months now.

I have not loss any weight yet but was surprise to find out I have loss a total of 2 inches in my hip waist area.  My pain level has good days and bad days still, but I do feel better, so I am going to stick with being gluten free and keeping this blog to mark my progress for myself and any others that might want to follow me.  I am also starting a new type of pain relief program and hoping that will help with the pain so I can move around more, which I know will help. Trying to decided if I want to blog on that or just add it too this one …. I will think on that.

I am sure that some want to know how to go gluten free… you can read my blogs to find out how I did it, but one thing that I feel like everyone who is going to try this is to have a support system in place.  Family and friends who know that you are going to attempt this and are willing to support your decision and not tempt you, but rather assist you on going gluten free.  I am sure I would not have gotten this far without it.  I am strong, but having those around me to know what I am going thru and to be there for me and maybe even assist me, be happy for me when I have hit little milestones like 1 month gluten free, 2 months gluten free, to be willing to try some of the foods with me and give me their honest opinions, to help me find gluten free products… is priceless!

I will continue being gluten free, and as always, 1 choice at a time, 1 item at a time, 1 meal at a time, and 1 day at a time!