I am in Love!!


I love my Husband!  He got me a waffle iron, One I have never seen before.  I had told him how much I missed eating waffles.  I had eaten them since I was young.  We ( meaning him and I) never got one, and when we would go out I would ordered them and enjoy them so much.  But since I am gluten free now, I knew trying to find somewhere to purchase one gluten free was not going to happen.  He mention he was getting me a waffle iron and he had to order it.  I thought ok, wonder what he is getting, but his choices are alway good ones so thought nothing of it, but made sure I had the ingredients to make waffles.  OMG  when the waffle iron came in I was shocked.  First, I had never seen one like this before, but knew he had researched them and he thought this was the best.  Now, how to use it, as it stands upright… ok, had to get the book out.   1) set the dial where you would like you waffle to look like, example light, medium or on the dark side… once the waffle iron beeps, it is time to pour in the batter.  2) On the top you will see a square, that is a funnel you pour the batter into with the cup provided. 3) the waffle maker will beep when the waffle is done 4) using the latch on the side, open the waffle maker and remove the waffle.  Well that sounds easy enough.  I plug it in, made my batter up… waited for the beep… and pour in the batter….. waited for the beep again and open and removed the waffle.   I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS WAFFLE MAKER.!  It worked perfect.  My batter was a little on the thick side, so first one was not all of the waffle iron.  I added a little more milk to the batter and my 2nd one was perfect!  So easy to use and clean.  the cup fits over the side latch and it does not take up much room to store it.

Looking through the book that came with the waffle iron… I got me some waffles I want to try.  One was Cornmeal chives waffles to be serve with chili. You would take on of the 4 sections of the waffle for a serving.  I can use my gluten free cornmeal and rice flour, or the redmill white flour, then it is just eggs, butter milk, butter or oil and chives.  does that not just sound wonderful.  Or then there was the Cinnamon Sugar waffles, which you could make and then serve with fruit or ice cream, or the spicy cheddar waffles, or ever one where you made up some chicken and made this waffle , serving the chicken on top and then adding a sauce over it all.  It also included several pages of different butters to make, well I need no help there as I am Grandma Butter and do Butter Churning demostations already, creating all sorts of wonderful butters… I could send them some recipes,  I made one batch of strawberry honey butter that was divine, or my orange butter, or maple pecan butter… or … well you get the idea.  My first waffle I made I added peanut butter on it when it was still warm and strawberries jam.  Oh yes, I can see where this is going to be a well used piece of kitchen ware for me!

Thank you my dear husband for choosing a perfect gift for me!  One choice at a time, one day at a time and now…. one waffle at a time!!!!

Gluten Free Shopping trip!


It was cold, in fact -4, when we started our Sunday trip today.  We slept in for a change.. not late 8am and then were lazy for a while, heading out around 10;30 this morning.  where were we going?  Well, to Targets and Orchard Fresh to shop.  I wanted to see what gluten free products they had and grab some items to try.  We started off eating breakfast, and then on to Targets.  Now I am sure that all the Targets are basically the same layout, and I headed back to the food section.  I wanted to go aisle by aisle, and did so.  Skipped the paper products and started with the fresh fruits and veggie aisle.  Most of that I can have so just kindof looked real fast, and then I spotted the NooSo Yoghurt!  Now if you have never tried it, you absolutely without a doubt need to try it.  Walmart carries 2 maybe 3 flavors, BUT TARGET…. Wowzer they had like 8 to 10 different flavors, and I picked up, Banana Chocolate chip with pecans, Vanilla bean, Honey cranberry & almond, Rasberries, Mexican Chocolate, Pumpkin, CoConut, and Key lime flavors…. Holy Moly, there were more, but that will have to wait until next time… And…. they are cheaper than Walmart…. a win win for sure! Next aisle was the freezer section and I found to my delight the Udi’s brand I have been looking for… I got plain bagels, whole grain bread, whole grain English Muffins, a Lasagna with meat all gluten free of course.  Then I had to go to the bathroom, which is all the way up front, the furtherest away it can be… really…. ok, a walk there and back….Next to it was the Amy’s gluten free products, and I picked up some Brown rice, Black eye peas with veggie bowl,  There were about 15 different types in the Amy’s brand, on to the next aisle

where I found soups.  Now the gluten free products are kind-of mixed in with all the rest, so that took me a time to find what I wanted, which I did, some tomatoes soup by Pacific that was Gluten fee.  Then I saw some Nature Valley protein bars, Dark Chocolate with almonds on the next aisle.   Ok, my legs needed a break and I was  ready to go to the next store.

So we checked out and headed over to Orchard Fresh… and like the other stores, there is no one section for the gluten free, so you have to read and check each item.  They two carried the Udi’s brand, but not some of the items I wanted to try, and what they had was about the same price as Targets, But here, I found more cracker type food that I wanted.  I picked up some flat bread, everything flavored by Absolutely which looked good along with Blue Diamond, nut this, Cheddar Cheese, and Sesmark Ancient Grain rice crackers.  I also gots so garlic parsley pasta, some other tomato soup and split pea soup by Imagine to try, looked like it had less sodium that the brand I got at Targets.  They also had Amy’s brand of chicken pot pies, several types of Mexican burritos and enchiladas about 5 different brands of gluten free pizzas. Then I found some cornbread mix by Red Mills, they had several other mixes as well as gluten free flours.  While we were checking out, I noticed some Dark Chocolate Peppermint covered twist!  You have got to be kidding… I thought I would never be able to have them any more… heck yea I bought some… 2 bags, one dark chocolate and one white chocolate… Heaven!!!

Now home unloading and trying to find somewhere for all the food  we bought.  I can see that I am going to have to shop around to get all the gluten free food I want, and may even have to order some.  Yes it takes a little bit more work but the end goal of being gluten free is worth it for me.  I am still working on which yeast I can have, verses which one I can not have, and learning what does have gluten in them… and how it is hidden sometimes…but I will continue to do this one choice at a time, one day at a time…. Thanks for following me!


These are my two co-support unit I have as I research more regarding gluten free products.  they of course check out each new item I eat… cheese is ok, according to them as is yogurt, they are not too impressed with my wild rice cakes. or my jello. I was pleasantly surprised when my husband went and got us some food from McDonald’s the other day. He ordered my with no bread and I was not sure what I was going to receive, imagine my surprise when I got to salad size containers, with everything but the bread.  It was very good, fresh and tasted great.

I got a lot of things done this week, which means I had the energy to do them.  So I do think I am getting more pep. I went through all of my “winter” clothes and now they are all organized and folded or hanging up.  I had been putting that off for a long time.  Then I tackled the dreaded sock drawer.  You know, the one where they hide, and loose their partners? Took out all the socks, that just do not fit, or I really don’t like and put them in a bag for someone else or to use for cleaning, and then the  rest of them I matched up.  All of this while it is super cold outside today…. a whooping 0 … do not even want to look to see what the wind chill factor is.  I write some articles for both the facebook page for the Historical Society as well as for the Springville Times.  I got 3 of them done this week ( one a week is used) and 1 I have been working on, as it is too long and need to narrow it down.  and I am working on my family tree this week as well. and I started a book.  Yep, getting stuff done, and it feels good!

Today is 36 days gluten free.  I am starting to feel more comfortable when I go shopping now, and can find the products faster.  I can find the little seal that is on the labels, and knowing where to look on the cans, jar or boxes now and see where there is not gluten type ingredients. I am now trying to figure out what I can eat when I go out, and that was is not falling into place as easy.  I am understanding the terms and how to find information online now, and I received a King Arthur catalog, which not only shows me all items, mixes and flours they have, but has recipes as well.  Today, we go and get my waffle iron I ordered.  I love waffles, always had, but never really made them at home.  I decided I wanted to start making them again, and pick our a waffle iron I liked, ordered it, and it is in today!  We are having waffles tonight for dinner!!  MMmmm, Waffles with peanut butter, waffles with fruit, waffles with ice cream in the evenings, oh yea… I a so looking forward to my waffle iron!     One choice at a time, one day at a time, and sometimes it is even 1 thought at a time, as I try to decided what I want to do or try.

My Gluten Free Journey continues…

Dinner tonight is Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, carrots, broccoli and a roast cooked slowly all day.   I put some thyme and rosemary on for seasoning.  When I walked in the back door after I volunteered at the Lucy Bensley Center for the day, the smell was divine!  I made myself some and OMG is was awesome, Gluten Free, so tender…. I can handle this on such a cold and windy day.  Violet one of my cats watched me off and on for the afternoon upside down, I wonder if I look better that way, but it was entertaining to say the least.

I measure myself today…. only because my pants really felt more loose, and I got curious.  Imagine my surprise that I had lost 1 whole inch off my hips!  My weight is the same as is my waist measurements, but I will take the 1 inch loss for sure. I am so proud of myself for sticking to being gluten free during all the holidays.  We even went to the casino, we go at least once a year just for fun and their wonderful buffet. I was thinking I was going to be disappointed at not being able to eat all, but I was surprised at all that I could choose from.  Yes, I could not get the chicken wings, or gravy, or any of the pasta, or bread , but wow, I could get the steak, or prime ribs, and shrimp…. I could get the au jus, to put over my wild rice, there was sweet potatoes, a plus for me at any meal, and beans, and corn, and I had more than enough choices.  There was plenty I could choice from for desserts too.   We had gone with friends, so had good company, good food, and even came out a head money wise… and all in just a hour or so.

Still not sleeping good or through the night, but I am sure that will work out as well.  I have Sara Sorci of Sweet Flag Herbs working with me and I am positive she will be able to come up with a formula of natural herbs that will work for me.  She has been a huge supporter for me during this journey and without her guidance I am not sure I could be doing this.  It is so important to have a support unit in place when you do any kind of change in your life, and I have so many.  Jennifer Weber has been there for me each step of the way, laughing with me and lending her ear and helping me to understand things when I get confused.  My daughter in law Bobbi Maddox who has learned she has a celiac condition, has recommended different products that she think I would like, and also helps me to understand how to measure or cook some things… and we even learned the red twizzles have wheat in them… go figure!  along with some other products that you use, some lotions, some shampoos and such. My husband through it all has been awesome…. letting me clear out the cabinets of gluten products and fill them with gluten free only.  (don’t worry .. he has a area of his foods he likes that may have gluten in them) but has total supported me through this… even learning to read labels when he goes shopping and now he only gets what is marked gluten free, or knows it is by reading the labels… how wonderful is that. My mother in law, who bought some gluten free cookies at Christmas time, so I could have dessert with the rest of the family, and she cooked all gluten free,   I brought biscuits for me, as she had rolls for the meal, but otherwise, she also conformed for me, even though she did not have to. I also have you that are following me now, that send me encouraging notes and thoughts… I am so appreciative of all of you….. and I will continue this journey…. one day at a time, and one choice at a time…. thank all of you!

Happy 2018




The New Year has started…. very coldly for us, it was minus 8 when I got up this morning.  My husband made breakfast so I think my year has started off very good.  We did some running around today, washing clothes, shopping and such.  When we went to Walmart I got a small pocket camera to keep in my purse or bag.. this is because I hate changing lens on my Canon camera… I want to keep the zoom lens on it, so this is for those photos when something is close to me or I want to take a wide picture.

Now when you get these camera, you of course have to first open the plastic that they are in.  Challenge one…. took me 20 minutes to get it out of the package.  I had to purchase a SD card separate… that took 2 people, 1 pair of scissors, a few.. ” I can not believe it is not open yet” statements and at least 30 minutes.  Whew,  battery is almost fully charged.. it goes in ok… SD card, slides right in.. super… took a few sample shoots.  Yep I think it will work fine.  Now I attempted to put the wrist strap in.  Holy Moly… 1) it will not thread in enough to get in the second hole.  2) my needle threader would not bend to come back out the second hole, 3) paper clip, too big, 4) twist tie will go in, but just folds in to itself, not thru the second hole. 6) Ok, husband tries… he comes back after about 15 minutes, he can not not get it in either.  Geez, this cannot be a hard concept.  Just feed it into one of the holes, and it should slide through to the second hole and that is it.  Nope, Ok, so now I think, maybe a key ring will feed in it… 7) try medium size key ring, nope, not working.  8) find a tiny key ring, .. nope not working.  9) try my threader for when I was weaving to grab the end of the small strap while it is in the first hole, nope not working.  Now I am getting upset, it has been 45 minutes!  10) dipped the end of said strap in hot water, thinking maybe it might be more flexible if it was hot, jam it in the first hole, get paper clip that is bent into a unknown shape and stick it into the second hole, and 5 minutes later….SUCCESS!   the Wrist strap better never come out or I am returning the whole camera!

I did take a few outside photos on the way home, now charging the camera battery to full, and will take more through out the week to see how I like it.

Tomorrow I have a pot roast that is going into the slow cooker with white, and sweet potatoes, along with carrots.  I am going into the Lucy Bensley Center to work my volunteer hours, and will come home to a gluten free dinner all ready.

My goals for the coming year are really simple.  I want to be drama free.. which means sometimes, I just have to let some things go.  I want to improve being a friend, and letting people know how much I appreciate them.  I really want to be able to continue being gluten free. I want to try to increase my walking and activities.  But that of course depends on my back and health, so I guess that should be I want to try to improve my health.  I want to continue this blog to help others, that wish to follow it.( I know it is helping me) AND I am doing my family tree, not sure anyone else will want it, but doing it for me and following the people, and history of them.  Best way I know to help others to do the same is do my own as well.  I will continue to do all of these goals, and dreams, like everything else one day at a time, one choice at a time!

End of the year wrap up

1202171020.jpgAs the year comes to a end, I like to reflect over all that has happened in the year pass and what I want for the upcoming year.

So I start off with what have I done that has made me happy…. well, I continue to do my needle-felted pictures which is one of the crafts I am keeping around, and getting rid of the rest, as I just am not doing it, and they take up so much room.  I am also using my photos to create more notecards and they are liked by all that see them.  I expanded my butter churning demostations to places outside of town and the Fair, and last year did 150 to 160 pounds of butter demonstrating.   That’s a lot of butter!  I created a facebook page to follow the churning and to give ideas to others.  I created a webpage, but that did not seem to go anywhere, so I have let that go.  I have narrowed down what I do each day and week, to what I love the most.  I volunteer at the Lucy Bensley Center helping others research their own genealogy, and love researching the town history and sharing it on the facebook page, I created as well as the webpage I made for the Historical Society. I stop being in two Auxiliaries, as I just not able to do a lot for them during the meetings and such, with my physical limitation, but still support the Legion Auxiliaries, and Mason’s Eastern Stars where and when I can.  but I want to devote my time to where I can do the most, at least in my mind.  I also set boundaries so  I am not used or abused even as a volunteer.  Everything I did, worked well, and I was able to get so much accomplished at the Lucy Bensley Center, getting books and material ready for the people to use and read.  We traveled this year to Florida twice, and several other states.  Got to go through some great cemeteries, and enjoyed the history of all the places we went to.  Went and visited our grandson, son and wife, and enjoyed being around them, the drive there and back we found some cool places to see. I enjoyed being with my friends and family, and spending time with my husband.

Then I worked on my health, both mental and physical.  For the last 32 days, I have gone Gluten Free.  I have continued to study and read up on different foods and preservatives that are in our food and what is the best for me to use and eat.  I am now using herbs more and learning about which ones work the best for me, which ones I love to have the smell for in my house, and which one help me sleep better and lower my pain.  I continue to use acupuncture as a method of pain control and over all well being.  Go to the YMCA to work out when I can and help my pain levels down as well.  I have created a support unit of friends and family to help me through all of my changes, not to try and change my mind, but to support what I am willing to try to do for myself.  I have continued now for over 1 year now to wear and monitor my fit bit.  Increasing my steps from around 1,000 a day to now 5,000 a day and in January, I will increase my steps again. I try very hard to see the positive side of everything, and to accept, that some things I just can not change.  I have got a group of people now that are willing to help me learn more, ( and I have a learning challenge ) so sometimes I need to have things explained and re explained several times , several ways before I get it and sometimes just accept I can not understand something and be willing to accept that.

I have tried very hard this year to let people know how much I appreciate them and to encourage them in their daily lives, to always have a shoulder they can cry on or a ear to listen to them, and to support them in their choices that they make, some easy choices, and some hard ones.  I have tried to assist people when and where I can, teaching what I know to those that need it. I have tried hard not to judge people and accept them as they are.  I have tried to remove myself from those that are emotional Vampires,

What I have done new this year… 2017, Well, I have learned how to search on Newspaper.com, that we have our newspapers on from the Lucy Bensley Center.  I created a webpage for the Concord Historical Society, and learned how to add photos and menus and pages to all of that as well as a calendar. I, through the encouragement of friends have started this blog, and through a event, I now write articles for the Springville Times, about the town’s history.  Something I truly enjoy doing.    I hope that I will be able to continue all that I have done this year and be able to add some more great things for next year.  And I will continue to do all of this one day at a time, once choice at a time!

End of the year…. snow!


Well this week between Christmas and New Year has always been one of those strange ones for me.  Something always seems to come up, or happen.  And this year has not disappointed me…. It snow… Now when I say snow… I mean we have had 3 or 4 FEET of snow in the last 36 hours.  Crazy, and now the temperature is in the single digits… more snow coming.  Yeah a good time to hibernate!

I made home made cheesy, broccoli potato soup today, with sliced ham for sandwiches. Mighty fine indeed.   I worked on researching from home today as it was to snowy and cold to go into the Lucy Bensley Center.  I could get there, but some of the roads were not plowed good, and the wind was blowing the snow around, and it was snowing and I decided it was good to stay home.  Then by the end of the day, with all the snow and the extreme cold, we decided to stay closed for the week and take a little break.

Back to my researching… You can through, a subscription at newspaper.com ,research a lot of the old newspapers.  If you go to the Concord Historical Society Webpage, you even get a discount, and we get a % back (www.concordnyhistoricalsociety.org) and then all you have to do is plug in the name or business you want to search and a time frame… and search, and you will not believe all that pops up.  Making history come alive and readable on the newspapers of the time.  It is absolutely amazing!  I am research one person and I just keep finding out interesting facts about him… all the jobs and groups he belong to, what he did, his family, his business…. if you have never try it, come down to the Lucy Bensley Center ( next year in January) and let me show you how fun and fast it is.  There was even a mention of this person in a Ireland paper!

Tomorrow, since we are closed, I am staying in my PJs, grabbing a big mug of coffee, paper and pen for notes, turning on some tunes and researching.  A fun day for me indeed.  Yes, I should be cleaning the house more, or working on some of the facebook pages I help with, but tomorrow I am taking a day for me and playing by reading old papers, and enjoy the history that unfolds.  The cats will enjoy me being home to snuggle up next to me while I read online.  A perfect day I am thinking!