Enjoying winter

After Acupuncture I went down to the pier in Dunkirk New York.  It seemed balmy even though it was 37.  Ice was still on Lake Erie… chunks and bands of ice, and you could see through some of the surface ice and see designs in the ice.  Birds, geese and ducks, along with sea gulls flew around and sat on the ice.  A great way to enjoy the day, with a cup of coffee, and the sun!

2 Months Gluten Free!!!

Today I am celebrating 2 months of being gluten free!!  2 months of writing this blog, 2 months of trying to take control of my health.  What a journey it has been so far. So to celebrate, I made up a batch of double chocolate cookies that were gluten free to share with my friends  and of course me, who have been supporting me on this adventure.  I have learned so much… still learning, but now I am able to read a label and have some idea of what I am reading. I know which stores carry the most gluten free products, it is a toss up between Target and Wegman’s… what one store does not carry the other one does and they are only a few blocks apart, so makes it easy to go to both on the same day.  I know a few places that now cater to the gluten free crowd with food items on the menu, all I have tried have been mighty tasty.  I still have other places I would love to go and shop at and I will, as well as other restaurants I want to try and see what their food that is gluten free taste like.  I love the fact that McDonald’s offers their hamburgers with no buns for folks that want to go gluten free.  And yes I know that if you have a celiac condition this is not an option. ( they have to have NO GLUTEN, not even cross contamination, it will get them not feeling well~ my daughter in law has that) and then of course, even if you get a few french fries, which in themselves are gluten free, they have been in the same fryer as the chicken fingers which are not (drat) so can be cross contaminated.  so I am learning the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts still, but I have been able to stay gluten free for 2 months now.

I have not loss any weight yet but was surprise to find out I have loss a total of 2 inches in my hip waist area.  My pain level has good days and bad days still, but I do feel better, so I am going to stick with being gluten free and keeping this blog to mark my progress for myself and any others that might want to follow me.  I am also starting a new type of pain relief program and hoping that will help with the pain so I can move around more, which I know will help. Trying to decided if I want to blog on that or just add it too this one …. I will think on that.

I am sure that some want to know how to go gluten free… you can read my blogs to find out how I did it, but one thing that I feel like everyone who is going to try this is to have a support system in place.  Family and friends who know that you are going to attempt this and are willing to support your decision and not tempt you, but rather assist you on going gluten free.  I am sure I would not have gotten this far without it.  I am strong, but having those around me to know what I am going thru and to be there for me and maybe even assist me, be happy for me when I have hit little milestones like 1 month gluten free, 2 months gluten free, to be willing to try some of the foods with me and give me their honest opinions, to help me find gluten free products… is priceless!

I will continue being gluten free, and as always, 1 choice at a time, 1 item at a time, 1 meal at a time, and 1 day at a time!


You know, we all need that crazy friend that will go with us on adventures.  And what a adventure I had today.  We went to the Kazoo factory.  The drive over there we talked all about our problems, and issues… we all have them.  Then we get to the factory and as soon as we walked in the door, we were transported back to our childhoods, laughing and giggling and having a blast.  We all need to take time to just sit back and not be adults for a little while.  Kazoos are definitely  a way to do that, I mean, how can you be tense, or worried with a Kazoo in hand?  And then to look at all the ones they had, big ones, little ones, red ones green ones, ones that look like a tractor or like corn on a stalk… just a joy.  To see how they were made and where they were made…. a simpler time for sure….less worries… not so sure about that.  I have a feeling even in the early 1900s there were worries and stress and problems then too.  but a Kazoo, blow on one, and your worries, stress, problems just do not seem as bad… and those that are around you, well, they just have to smile, laugh, and enjoy the moment.  Maybe that is what we do not do anymore, is enjoy the moment, take time to be funny, goofy, not so stiff and proper  ( ok, no one EVER accused me of that) and just breath.  Breath and laugh, Breath and look around us at the simple things, Breath and smile at a animal, or a flower, or a child, Breath and realize, that everything we worry about is not really that important.  We can not all be a size 10, I mean what fun would that be… no challenge if we all looked the same.  Breath and understand, that we need to live in the moment, with what we have, who is around us and appreciate it all.  So folks, today, take the time to Breath, laugh, be goofy, smile, Breath and relax.  Life is ok, you are ok, and if you have friends, or even one special person in your life…. Life is good !

51 days … gluten free

Today my husband and I started off at the Comfort Zone in Hamburg, New York.  They have a gluten free menu as well as treats in the bakery glass case.  Today I got the panini sandwich that was turkey, brie, raspberries spread and walnuts…OMG it was divine.  Then we went to Fresh Rite store.  Now they had a few items that were gluten free… and the store was small so not a whole lot of food to begin with.  I did pick up some fermented turmeric tablets to try and see if they help with my inflammation pain. If you need any herbal remedies and you have some idea what you want, they have a wall of choices you can chose from.  Organic soaps, and washing powders, cleaning products and organic food for the pets, Frozen section of gluten free products , where I found some of the Canyon brand Rye bread, going to give that a try, and a few others and a refrigerator section as well.  Great people working there that were very knowledgeable.  On to Wegman’s.  Well, let me tell you.  Between Target which did carry a lot of gluten free items scatter amongst the regular food… Wegman’s has 2 areas that are dedicated to being gluten free… and what wonderful choices!  What Target did not have, Wegman’s did, and they are not that far apart from each other.  As you can see in the above photos, I did purchase a lot of different items… 3 different brands of individual sizes of Lasagna, I will let you know which one I like best, some ready made cookies, some that just need to be backed, last time I went to Target’s I got some cookie mixes, so I can compare them all.  I picked up some more crackers, some I like, some not so much, but have not tried this brand and I got some dark chocolate pretzels.  Yummmm.  They also had other flavors of my Noosa brand yogurt, the plain sweeten with honey, that I have been looking for everywhere.. and they were even cheaper than Target’s, which was cheaper than Walmart.  So I am thinking i am going to have to several stores to find all that I want.  I ran into some friends at Wagman’s store, they too were going gluten free, dairy free, and nut free… I was able to point them to the right direction. When I came home, I open the chocolate chip cookies with maple.  They were a little on the sweet side, but otherwise okay. Still full from the panini I had for lunch, so lasagna will be taken with me to eat for lunch, while I am at the Lucy Bensley Center.   Along with some fruit and veggies, and maybe some crackers or chips ( all gluten free of course) and I should have a good lunch.  I been on a raisins kick lately, so have a large box sitting on my desk to snack on, and at home, I have nuts in a jar sitting around to snack on.  Cold weather is still going on and sounds like it will for a while, so I go walking inside a store during these times.  I got all my steps in and then some today.  Stiff when I got home but trying some fermented turmeric to see if that will help me.  So many choices I was able to make today from lunch, to items on the shelve, to walking around the store, to writing this blog.  Yep, Once choice at a time, one day at a time… seems to be keeping me going day by day!

I am in Love!!


I love my Husband!  He got me a waffle iron, One I have never seen before.  I had told him how much I missed eating waffles.  I had eaten them since I was young.  We ( meaning him and I) never got one, and when we would go out I would ordered them and enjoy them so much.  But since I am gluten free now, I knew trying to find somewhere to purchase one gluten free was not going to happen.  He mention he was getting me a waffle iron and he had to order it.  I thought ok, wonder what he is getting, but his choices are alway good ones so thought nothing of it, but made sure I had the ingredients to make waffles.  OMG  when the waffle iron came in I was shocked.  First, I had never seen one like this before, but knew he had researched them and he thought this was the best.  Now, how to use it, as it stands upright… ok, had to get the book out.   1) set the dial where you would like you waffle to look like, example light, medium or on the dark side… once the waffle iron beeps, it is time to pour in the batter.  2) On the top you will see a square, that is a funnel you pour the batter into with the cup provided. 3) the waffle maker will beep when the waffle is done 4) using the latch on the side, open the waffle maker and remove the waffle.  Well that sounds easy enough.  I plug it in, made my batter up… waited for the beep… and pour in the batter….. waited for the beep again and open and removed the waffle.   I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS WAFFLE MAKER.!  It worked perfect.  My batter was a little on the thick side, so first one was not all of the waffle iron.  I added a little more milk to the batter and my 2nd one was perfect!  So easy to use and clean.  the cup fits over the side latch and it does not take up much room to store it.

Looking through the book that came with the waffle iron… I got me some waffles I want to try.  One was Cornmeal chives waffles to be serve with chili. You would take on of the 4 sections of the waffle for a serving.  I can use my gluten free cornmeal and rice flour, or the redmill white flour, then it is just eggs, butter milk, butter or oil and chives.  does that not just sound wonderful.  Or then there was the Cinnamon Sugar waffles, which you could make and then serve with fruit or ice cream, or the spicy cheddar waffles, or ever one where you made up some chicken and made this waffle , serving the chicken on top and then adding a sauce over it all.  It also included several pages of different butters to make, well I need no help there as I am Grandma Butter and do Butter Churning demostations already, creating all sorts of wonderful butters… I could send them some recipes,  I made one batch of strawberry honey butter that was divine, or my orange butter, or maple pecan butter… or … well you get the idea.  My first waffle I made I added peanut butter on it when it was still warm and strawberries jam.  Oh yes, I can see where this is going to be a well used piece of kitchen ware for me!

Thank you my dear husband for choosing a perfect gift for me!  One choice at a time, one day at a time and now…. one waffle at a time!!!!

Gluten Free Shopping trip!


It was cold, in fact -4, when we started our Sunday trip today.  We slept in for a change.. not late 8am and then were lazy for a while, heading out around 10;30 this morning.  where were we going?  Well, to Targets and Orchard Fresh to shop.  I wanted to see what gluten free products they had and grab some items to try.  We started off eating breakfast, and then on to Targets.  Now I am sure that all the Targets are basically the same layout, and I headed back to the food section.  I wanted to go aisle by aisle, and did so.  Skipped the paper products and started with the fresh fruits and veggie aisle.  Most of that I can have so just kindof looked real fast, and then I spotted the NooSo Yoghurt!  Now if you have never tried it, you absolutely without a doubt need to try it.  Walmart carries 2 maybe 3 flavors, BUT TARGET…. Wowzer they had like 8 to 10 different flavors, and I picked up, Banana Chocolate chip with pecans, Vanilla bean, Honey cranberry & almond, Rasberries, Mexican Chocolate, Pumpkin, CoConut, and Key lime flavors…. Holy Moly, there were more, but that will have to wait until next time… And…. they are cheaper than Walmart…. a win win for sure! Next aisle was the freezer section and I found to my delight the Udi’s brand I have been looking for… I got plain bagels, whole grain bread, whole grain English Muffins, a Lasagna with meat all gluten free of course.  Then I had to go to the bathroom, which is all the way up front, the furtherest away it can be… really…. ok, a walk there and back….Next to it was the Amy’s gluten free products, and I picked up some Brown rice, Black eye peas with veggie bowl,  There were about 15 different types in the Amy’s brand, on to the next aisle

where I found soups.  Now the gluten free products are kind-of mixed in with all the rest, so that took me a time to find what I wanted, which I did, some tomatoes soup by Pacific that was Gluten fee.  Then I saw some Nature Valley protein bars, Dark Chocolate with almonds on the next aisle.   Ok, my legs needed a break and I was  ready to go to the next store.

So we checked out and headed over to Orchard Fresh… and like the other stores, there is no one section for the gluten free, so you have to read and check each item.  They two carried the Udi’s brand, but not some of the items I wanted to try, and what they had was about the same price as Targets, But here, I found more cracker type food that I wanted.  I picked up some flat bread, everything flavored by Absolutely which looked good along with Blue Diamond, nut this, Cheddar Cheese, and Sesmark Ancient Grain rice crackers.  I also gots so garlic parsley pasta, some other tomato soup and split pea soup by Imagine to try, looked like it had less sodium that the brand I got at Targets.  They also had Amy’s brand of chicken pot pies, several types of Mexican burritos and enchiladas about 5 different brands of gluten free pizzas. Then I found some cornbread mix by Red Mills, they had several other mixes as well as gluten free flours.  While we were checking out, I noticed some Dark Chocolate Peppermint covered twist!  You have got to be kidding… I thought I would never be able to have them any more… heck yea I bought some… 2 bags, one dark chocolate and one white chocolate… Heaven!!!

Now home unloading and trying to find somewhere for all the food  we bought.  I can see that I am going to have to shop around to get all the gluten free food I want, and may even have to order some.  Yes it takes a little bit more work but the end goal of being gluten free is worth it for me.  I am still working on which yeast I can have, verses which one I can not have, and learning what does have gluten in them… and how it is hidden sometimes…but I will continue to do this one choice at a time, one day at a time…. Thanks for following me!