Happy Birthday to me!


So I have been wanting to get a better zoom lens for my camera, but just could not justify the prices they were.  I did some research and most of them ran anywhere from $1,300.00 and $3,000.00.  Yeah, that is not happening.  So Idid a little more research and found one for $140.00.  WHAT!?  looked it up, and yep, that was the price and it had great reviews…. I read almost everyone of them, and the only problems I could see happened either because they did not use a tripod, or the picture was blurry….. ok, that is ok, the lens itself was fine.  Ok, I can afford that. It is a 650/1300 Zoom, the one I have now goes up to 300, so a lot more zoom power with this one.  Now, because of it’s size I did not want to be changing the lens all the time.  I checked online, and found a camera body, the same type that I have a rebel Cannon … for under $100.  Oh boy this is just awesome!  So I ordered both!  For under $300 I have a new camera and zoom lens.

They both came within 3 days, even more exciting.  So I snuck downstairs on our porch and played with it for a little while.  Shoot, I will be able to get a photo of the birds nose hairs!  geez.  I got some practicing to do for sure.  It is manual focus, so I will have to  re learn doing that ( got lazy with the auto focus) but can see where that can be fun too.  Will have to use a tripod, because as you know, the more you zoom, the more you can not move or the subject will be blurry, and the lens itself has a place to mount the tripod.  You mount it that way instead of on the body of the camera as the lens is heavier than the camera and thus could break off if moved around to much. I got so use to the camera choosing the F stops and iso, that I got lazy there as well, time to re learn!

Now I am the search of a smaller suitcase, which I will create as a camera case, cheaper than buying one for cameras and now I am looking for the weather to get warmer (mother nature is playing with us now) so I can plan for some scooter and car trips to go and sit and take photos to learn how to use the camera and lens.  Practice does make perfect…. I got lots of practicing to do!


What wonderful food I am finding!

I am amazed at the wonderful food choices I am getting now that I am gluten free.  The photo on the left is showing a sweet potato breakfast bowl with cranberries, nuts, and a cinnamon sauce, at our local NEW Coffee shop.  They are also carrying home made baked good, a chocolate brownie with peanut butter icing, cookies, another type of a bake good, so far all have been just wonderful!.  On the right is a picture I took at another coffee shop in a town nearby, they offer every sandwich on corn taco shells… and let me tell you, this one was sooooooo good, and yes I had to take some home with me.

Since I have chosen to be Gluten Free, the choices I am finding at different places we go out to eat are just amazing.  The little pizza place we have in town, will fix any of their pizza in a small size, gluten free, and have chicken fingers that are gluten free, oh yea and most of the dishes that are serve with noodles…. except Lasagna… and I am working with them on that… because it is so good.  They are thinking about it.  My husband is a shriner and we went to a meal they offered there… a fish fry.  I wanted to support the Lodge, but knew I did not want a fish fry.  I was surprised when there was three different kinds of fish baked and or grilled I could chose from.  AND they would cook up “naked” chicken wings for me.  ( for those that do not know… that is a chicken wing, just fried, no breading, not dipped in batter, just fried) Now that is the one thing I am craving after 4 months is fried chicken or fish.  Well I got some wings to bring home for the next day, and Folks, let me tell you , they were really good, and hit the spot that was craving the fried food.  I can not wait to go back!

My family is being so supportive of me now, we had Easter dinner at my in laws house, and everyone there that brought food, and we all did, was careful about how the food was made, or brought me a different choose.  I brought my own bread,  mom was great and did not add flour for the gravy, but corn starch instead, all of the salad dressing were gluten free, lots of freshly cooked vegetables, and the salad had fresh fruit and nuts in it. For desert she had made a fruit and whipped cream, and after eating all the veggie and salad, along with ham was a perfect ending to a great meal!  This week we also picked up some maple kettle korn pop corn, … and yes it is good.

The Girl Scouts had their cookie sale, and they now carry one type of gluten free cookies, a Oatmeal / peanut butter/ with chocolate chips.  Not as good as the thin mints I love, but not bad at all.  And I have found 3 places not that bake gluten free goods, and oh this journey I am on is getting easier, and yes the reason I started it was to lower my pain levels as I have fibromyalgia and lower back degeneration and it has worked on lower my pains.  I also notice, I do not have as much heart burn as I use to, nor do I feel so tight, like I was full of gas, and I seem to be more regular… so I think that I am getting a benefit from that, and my skins seems to be softer… more color to it… So I think over all it seems to be working!

I still take life one day at a time, still enjoy life one choice at a time, try to do all I can, and still pace myself to be able to do all I can.  Still have days, where I do not want to do anything, no drive, no energy, but I am starting to have days with energy, and the drive to not only do something, but to go out and do it!

Now the one downfall I have…. I now feel like walking more, so I have been trying to bump up my steps for each day ( fitbit tracked) and…. well … my body I guess was not ready for all of that as now I have a achilles tendon that is not only flared up pain wise, but swollen and makes walking hard…. so I will have to re adjust, brace and baby the achilles tendon, rest it, ice/heat, support when I walk… for a while.  Oh well, life comes with bumps along the way, just adjust and try again!

Happy 63 Birthday to me, and my new life style to enjoy the golden years with my husband, family and friends!

Enjoying winter

After Acupuncture I went down to the pier in Dunkirk New York.  It seemed balmy even though it was 37.  Ice was still on Lake Erie… chunks and bands of ice, and you could see through some of the surface ice and see designs in the ice.  Birds, geese and ducks, along with sea gulls flew around and sat on the ice.  A great way to enjoy the day, with a cup of coffee, and the sun!