New additons to the Hawkins Household

In August we adopted through 10 Lives rescues 2 brothers,4 years old and renamed them Fergus and Mac.

They were two scared cats ….. and hid, Mac for a lot longer than Fergus … upstairs. Fergus takes care of his brother, who might be a little slower but hold his own. Fergus took about 1 month and he was seen downstairs more and more and more. He does not like to be held, but you could pet him all day. One thing that is different with him, is, he loves paper… the brown paper that comes in boxes sometimes, or paper bags… if it is out there he is on it. Hides his toys underneath the paper and drags his “paper” on his bed we have downstairs to sleep on .

He still runs upstairs when “Dad” goes to bed. The last 2 weeks he is starting to sleep downstairs on his paper bed inside a pet bed. Neither cat like canned food, milk, cheese…. just dry food. They are both so well behaved… I am surprised.

Mac has taken a lot longer to come downstairs and stay….

Mac will sleep with Fergus in the Paper nest bed as I call it, and will stay downstairs unless spooked, then will run upstairs. He does sleep with is dad or in his room every night, like a few treats, and will steal his brothers toys when he can and hid them or take them upstairs , he also loves to be petted and might come and bump you leg for some more pets They both love the laser light,.. and laser light ball I got them for Christmas. They both love to watch CatTV that has birds, squirrels, chipmonks and mice on them, and will sit and watch that each day, looks for it each morning, when I sit in the living room with my morning coffee.

They both have gotten their photos on the Cat Family Wall now… so are offically part of the family.

Then you know sometimes things happen that you do not plan, or expect ….

So….. last weekend…… I got a call, and this happened…..

A little 7 month old kitten. We named him Simon Fraser….. (all animals are named after a book Thomas and I like) Simon Fraser was also known as the old fox. What a lovebug!! He has big paws to fill, and yes he looks like Frazer and is just as loving, loves to be held, wants to be with you at all times and sleeps with me. He will eat whatever is in his bowl, but seems to like you to stand or sit by him or he does not eat much at all. Looks like he will sneak out if he gets a chance so he is getting a collar and tags, even though he has a mircochip.

He would love to play with the other boys, but they are not real sure of him yet. He will work his way into their hearts I am sure… It is funny , that the older boys have taken most of their toys upstairs. He is a talker…. He will call you if you are not in the same room…. will chatter away to himself…. and thinks he is the … man. Simon will great anyone that comes in the house and love up on them, jump on their shoulders or lap…. No fly gets by him… off he will go to chase them. He has his picture ordered to be added to the Cat Family Wall.

Rosebud though all of this is miffed of course…..

She rules … or so she thinks, over all of them…. She is getting older as well… 20 years old this year. Stays on the couch usually all day, and night. I keep her dry food there as well. She has a step stool to help her up and off the couch. Comes off he couch to use her litter box and drink water Then she does what I call patrol duty and walks slowly all around the house, back into the living room, around the coffee table a few times and back on the couch again to “watch” the boys. Not impressed at all. Too funny to watch her. The boys Fergus and Mac, will freeze in their spots when she is on the floor… like freeze tag. Sometimes there is growling and hissing .. but over all they put up with her and she with them.

So changes this year for sure…. more love and photos will be taken and shared.

Welcome to the family Fergus, Mac and Simon!

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