Goals for 2021

2020 was crazy… strange … unusual … and depressing. So for 2021, I am going to set some goals and make all positive. Positive thoughts, positive outlook and try as hard as I can to see the positive side of everything.

So positive events in 2020. We adopted 2 beautiful cats…. check!

I read 111 books, more than the year before so that is one new goal… going to shoot for 112 books.

Going to go out and take photos…. I did not do hardly any last year, no demos, no nothing… This year I will do more.

That being said…. sharing some photos from the years past… and you can see more at JoHawk’s photography through facebook.

I use a walker now… no biggy, it has a seat on it and underneath the seat is a large basket, that my cameras fit in, so I can use it to get somewhere, sit and take photos…. win win. What adventures will happen this year…. guess you are going to have to follow this blog to find out….. Positive thoughts this year…. Negativity out!! Welcome 2021!

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