My Sweet boy passed away on December 20, 2020. Frazer was 18 years old, deaf, and I have never seen another cat as laid back as he was. He had slowly gone downhill this last year… getting where he did not jump up on the couch or my bed with out the assistance of a step stool, was eating meat baby food as he did not have many teeth, but was still such a love bug, always at my side, slept with me up to the end.

He will be so missed. The pain will slowly turn to happy memories, the tears to smiles but such a hole is left behind.

I created a memory wall for him, next to his raised bed with steps where he laid…

I incuded on this wall a picture our grand daughter drew for me after he died… to let me know he will always be remembered..

And he will be remembered… by a lot of people who also loved and enjoyed him when they came over. May he hear all the birds he watched from the porch and windows now, be dashing around the rainbow bridge with all the pets that left before him and crunching all the snacks he can.

I will always love you Frazer. You were one of a kind indeed.

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