Cooking with …. my airfryer!

I have for some reason just not wanted to do a meatloaf in the airfryer.  I don’t know why, I like meatloaf… just had something holding me back.

Well the husband took out the ground meat and requested meatloaf….. so I did it. Why did I not do it sooner!

to 1 pound ground meat, you add breadcrumbs, seasons of your choice ( I did oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, black pepper) a little onion, one egg, mixed together well, and then shape the loaf.  I used the precut paper for the basket (the one with the holes in it) and added a little bar b que sauce to the top.  Air fryed at 390 for 22 mintues and it came out perfect.

For a side dish, I had a bag of baby carrots in the refrigerator that I tossed with olive oil and airfryer at 400 for 10 minutes, pulled the air fryer basket out, spritzed the carrots with a little more olive oil and shook on some brown suger and air fryed for 10 more minutes.

Under 30 minutes, a great meal for 2, and a cool kitchen.  What’s not to like!  Now that I see how easy it was and tasty, I am already wanting to do another one… and have ideas on different seasonings I can use.  My husband likes things spicey and since I now have two airfryers I can do that without having to wait until one is done..  So next time I am planning to half the ground meat and doing his with hot peppers and spices he likes and mine.  I will cut the cooking time in half to start off with and see how that goes… or maybe just make to 1 lb meatloafs and we can have left overs for sandwhiches…. mmmmm

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