Oh my goodness

I am sooooo in love with my Airfryer.  I kept reading how easy it was to make corn on the cob in a air fryer and just kept holding off… I don’t know why.

So today I got 4 ears of fresh corn from our local farmer’s market.  Then came home and read 6 different recipes, that were basically the same so I did what they said.  I did try to cut the ends off this time before husking them and that was super easy to husk.  just kindof rolled off the husk and most of the silks came off as well.  Then I rinsed them since I had been handling them and well just because.

Then I preheated the air fryter to 400 degrees.

Sprayed the corn with a butter spray and placed inside the basket.  Most of the recipes called for 10 minutes ( flipping half way through)  After 10 minutes, they just did not look quiet done, and the basket was really full so, added 2 more minutes and they were perfect!

The most tender corn on the cob I have had in a long time and clean up was so easy!

My husband did sauage on the grill, got done about the same time.  A quick easy meal and very tasty.  I will be doing these again!

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