Oh my, I am in Love … Gluten free and Air frying

On January 24th I decided after much review and research to order a Airfyer.   Since then I have tried a few things…. the more I try in the airfyer, the more I like it…. a lot!

The best Gluten free flour I have found is King Author… they rule.  Not only do they have the best flour around, they have gluten free recipes that have been tried in their kitchens, and will chat with you when you have problems.  They are great.  For those that do not know, it is not always cup to cup ratio from regular flour to gluten free flour measurements, You have to add some other ingredents and they are wtih you each step of the way.  I share my results with them and they are so encouraging and recommend ideas to make my own recipes better.

So started with biscuits in my Air fryer and burnt the first batch… rule number one to remember… It takes less time to cook, fry, bake in a airfryer. I read that, and every reciepe I found said that, but it did not click somehow….. Ok, lesson learned.  Next batch or biscuits came out perfect!  My next try was scones.  they came out good, but I wanted to tweak the recipe a little more to get more of the fruit flavor to come through, and that has been mastered now too.  Hamburgers, onion rings, bar b qued ribs, chicken wings,  pork ribs, steak all soon followed, with wonderful results.   Tried bacon…. that one I have to work on as it depends on the thickness of the bacon, mine all came out really, really done, but dang, just got to keep trying and eating the mistakes… right?   Little pizza doughs then toppings added came next…. Wow.  The gluten free recipe for pizza dough for small pizza, I now convert to a large pizza dough use to make a big pizza for a group in the oven, but I am really prefer my airfryer for all.  I can even reheat food in the airfryer and it comes out fresh, crispy, not soggy and soo much better than microwaved.

I do not know what I like more … the ease of cleaning the airfryer, or how much faster it cooks food.  Easy to make a double batch, while you are eating one, the second batch cooks and is ready when you are….Even store bought pizza logs, and fries come out great.  a little or a lot, works well.  The unit is light enough, that we are going to use it when we travel and stay in one spot for a while.  What a great way to reheat or cook food while we enjoy the area we are at.  I enjoy eating out, but enjoy just hanging out on the beach or in the woods enjoying nature too.

Small pies, cookies and cake or brownies are my next adventure I going to attempt.  Oh the joys of Gluten free and a air fryer are wonderful.  Easy, small batches, getting braver converting my old recipes to gluten free and love finding new recipes…. Still have not found a bread recipe I like, but still have more to try..


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