Crazy times

After 3 plus weeks of staying home due to the coronavirus lockdown, I decided to document the adventures so far.

I go to the store once a week, picking up just what I need and not over stocking on items.  During this time I have had the time to try new recipies in my air fryer, some our wonderful, some … well…. I will work on or just not use again.  I have tried some of my gluten free recipes for bread and pizza dough.  Wow, guess I have to work on the pizza dough… to runny, but tasted ok, the breads… guess I just have to work on them.  I like the biscuits better, so maybe will stick to that.

I have read some books, ok, a lot of books, but that is  my thing anyhow.  I got into a series I like and have the whole series almost read… all 20 of them. Then have a few other books in my chache to read.

I have started going through my photographs and trying to put them into folders to make them easier to find… and edit them.

I have unpacked a few boxes from when we moved…. and cleaned the house some…

I have cleaned out the bird feeders, moved where I had them, braced the sheperd hooks they hang from.  refilled them and placed them back out, much to the birds delight.  Wow, I have all kinds of birds showing up.  English starlings, Golden finches, house wrens, sparrows, black capped chick a dees, cardinals, Bluejays, mourning doves, Crows, dark eyed junos, and a few other little fast birds that zoom in and out before I can id them… for now.

I have watched a few shows through Amazon, some great archoelogy shows, walking around Europe, Mystery shows… but can not watch many at one time.  I have crafts I can be doing, but just have not gotten then desire long enough to do them yet.

My husband has worked 6 days a week delivery mail…. it is like Christmas for him with all the packages that are being sent and ordered. I have called and checked on friends to make sure they are ok, and sent a few cards out to cheer them.

Of course I have my bird Akela to sing to me and be silly to bring a smile to our face.  My two cats who are both seniors… Frazer who is 18 years old, stays near me at all time, no matter what room I am in, and Rosebud who is almost 20 to talk, ok, sometimes yell at me, to keep me motivated!

Check on neighbors and friends during this time… by phone calls or notes.  We all have the ability to check up and bring cheer to folks.   By being careful We can get through all of this.

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