Happy One year to us!  April 11 2019 we got the keys to our house.  What an adventure it has been…. Screened in the side porch right away, for the cats and me.  Have been enjoying the porch and yard so much.  We love the gardens that we can plant and they grows… some on the porch, some in the yard.  Peppers growing in the raised beds along with the herbs in another raised bed.  Some flowers and looking forward to planning and working on more beds of flowers.

We got the bookcases more or less organized and full of books, one in the Library ( we got a room we can call a library now!), one in the kitchen for cook books, that we need to thin out some of them for sure, one in the dinning room, that we are using for some dishes, 2 small ones in the Living room and more upstairs.

We have the Living room set up and can enjoy it.  With our TV and furniture and my little area with my computer that has a basket on it for my Frazer.  We get to watch the birds at the bird feeders from the window, entertain family and friends in here.

We got a bar b que grill and Thomas has been making some awesome food on it during the warm months, and I got a air fryer and have been having a great time trying recipes out … we have the room to cook now, having a large kitchen, with 6 outlets, we do not have to move anything to plug something else in.

Our dining room now houses ( and used) the family table that we are the 4th or 5th generation to use it.  It has three leafs and can sit 12 easily, more if we sit closer.  Has the large claw like feet and is perfect.  It was used for Thanksgiing and Christmas for the family dinners … how exciting to be able to have them here, have the room and enjoy the family!

We had our first Christmas tree in the house,  Our neighbor had a old artifical tree that was awesome ( thank you Joe and Joni Krzes) and we had lights and got some orniments from Thomas parents, plus what we had and I think it was a perfect tree.  We put the grandkids gifts under the tree, and the cats loved sleeping under it.  What fun it was to have the family over and have Christmas here at the house.  Thomas’s mom has done the family gatherings for years, and I am glad to be able to take over and give her a break.  She still cooks some foods for the meals, but now does not have the burden or the meals and house to get ready each time.

Now we are starting to decorate and I am turning some of my photos into canvas art for the walls.  So many ideas we want to do and just have to pick one or two to do at a time.  We are looking forward to having family and friends stop by more often, and doing fun things here at the house.

What gardens can we plan this year?  What are we going to add to the yard, or change? How can we arrange the back rooms to make them more easy to get to items?  How shall we do the upstairs guest room?  Should we redo the front porch?  All the questions that homeowners have and now we do too!

I can say that we have settled in nicely with our furry and feathered friends ( Frazer, Rosebud and Akela) Have great neighbors that are so helpful and friendly.  Folks that walk their animals up and down our street and wave or stop to talk as they go by.


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