I got myself a Air fryer!


I am so in love.  I got myself a fryer and wow… why did I not get one sooner!  From Scones and biscuits to meats, a perfect size for me and my husband.  Cooks fast and clean up is a breeze.  Learning how to use gluten free flour in place of regular flour, and changing my recipes I like.  King Author is the best gluten free flour I have found so far, and I am also starting to introduce some of the old grain flours in my diet and my pain levels do not seem to be effective by adding them in.

I just do not like the taste of white bread, and the size of some of the other gluten free breads are tiny, hard to make a sandwhich out of them.  I am determine to learn how to make gluten free breads I like and will continue to do so.  I already make my own butter… been doing butter demostrations using a Daisy glass jar for over 10 years now for kids and seniors and at events.  I am much demand and my schedule fills up fast.  While doing these demos, I always get that group that are gluten free, so a cracker is not for them, nor can they use the same butter samples as others. So now I keep one fresh butter plain, and one fresh butter with a flavor I add (usually seasons, herbs, sometimes other flavors), just for the gluten free crowd… seperate, from the rest of the samples.  I have been getting different GF crackers for them to use, seperate, as well as the knives for the butter.  Now when I give demos, I seem to be talking about not only how to make butter, but how to eat and cook gluten free.

I turn 65 this year, and guess I have found my niche of doing demos, and research assisting for geneaology.  I have been writing Looking Back articles on the history of the town, the people and other things from the past, for one of our local papers now… going on 3 years.  I still take photos and turn them into cards and canvas for the wall, still play with my needled felting pictures.  I go into the schools once or twice a year with artifacts from the past and talk to the kids about first resource… (LOL I have added a rotater phone now)  I also take in old newspapers, journals, photos that have been donated from family, and maps and work with the teachers to explain how to use them.   I love seeing the younger people and hear their take on items I bring.  We are raising a group of kids that are going to do so much more than we ever even thought of.  Glad I can be a small part of that.

As it is March, starting to think of our gardens and what we want in them, and the herbs… starting to see some of what I did get planted last year, shooting up through the dead growth … has to be time to get ready.  Song birds are back and my first thing we are doing this year is making a better feeding station for them, with flowers like sunflowers and others ones for the hummingbirds, along with a bird bath and such… We have a corner of our front yard that has a small decortive maple tree and a corner fence on two sides, not the easiest to mow, so we will convert that area.  I should be able to get some great bird photos there…Yes the worst of winter is over (we really had a mild winter… yes a few times of massive snow, but never really lasted long) and Spring is coming.  got to work on trying to walk more, but that too will be easier with the warmer weather… and the sun is shinning!  so let that sunshine in!

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