0125201013So, I purchased a Cosori Air Fryer.  It is usually just my husband and I eating and we do not need to cook alot, and they looked really useful when making small amounts.  Also since I still do gluten free, I thought I could create my food in the Cosori Air Fryer… things like biscuits, and small pizza, etc.  Well, I think this little unit is going to be used a lot!

They always come with recipes, and this one was not exception… so as I am going through the little cook book I see a scone recipe that looked good, so thought I would try it.  At first I thought I would make it with regular flour the first time to see how it came out, but talked myself out of that and used my King Author Gluten Free flour, I made orange walnut GF scones.  I used fresh oranges so it was a little sticky, so just added some more flour when I turned it out on the board.  I patted down on the cutting board, and cut triangles.  My little airfryer could hold 4 at a time, so no problem, used the parchement paper as they recommended and baked.  They recommended 350 for 12 minutes.  I did 350 for 10 minutes, and they came out perfect, as you can see above.  I did the next 4 and think I might could even drip the cook time down to 9 minutes.  Oh me Oh my how good they are.  Melt in your mouth.  All flavors just pop out.  This recipe is a keeper for sure

Now tonight I am going to try Chicken wings, GF of course.  On a roll, think I might be on a cooking mood for a while with my new Cosori Air fryer. I will post more as I cook using this new air fryer…. fast, easy to use, and clean….. what is not to like!

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