Happy Thanksgiving Our first in the house

Wow…. Had our first BIG dinner at our new house.  It turned out awesome.  We had 12 people in all.  We have the family table that has been passed on through the family, which had 3 leaves .. all were in, and we were able to all sit and enjoy the wonderful meal and not be crowded, and thus carring on the tradition of eating around the table.  I cooked up the Turkey, mashed potatoes, Gluten Free cornbread stuffing ( that has been in my family, but convert to Gluten Free) and gravey, others brought coleslaw, green beans, rolls, cranberry jello salad ( it is fantastic), home made applesause, pickles, homemade butter, and all kinds of desserts, some gluten free.  There was wassil (hot and cold), coffee, water, sweet tea, pop and water to drink.  What a wonderful meal, and not many leftovers!

After the meal, the grandchildren decorated the Christmas tree, and did a good job.  Some moved to the Living room to watch football, Thomas’s sister, Bonnie and Laura, were great and cleaned up the kitchen, put the food up…. I appreciated it so much.  I was able to go from room to room and enjoy all the family .  Lots of room so no one was crowded and all got to visit and enjoy all of the family.

Today ( the day after) I am just resting… I am still pooped, but enjoyed having the house open and for people to come over and help us celebrate our first Thanksgiving in our house.  No drama, Now and want to plan another meal here.

I got some great gluten free cookbook that explain the differences of the different brands of gluten free flours and mixes.  Explains what to add when making food from scratch which I don’t understand, but leaning still. The GF cornbread came out great, which made very tasty stuffing, adding celery, onion, garlic, apples and walnuts, then adding chicken brooth and eggs.  all loved it.  Today I am going to sit and go through the cookbooks and research some more food I want to try.

I hope all out there got to enjoy the day with family and friends and eat, and laugh, and enjoy the day to the fullest, as I sure did!

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