So, I am learning more and more about going gluten free.  We went on a 4 day weekend and on day one, I ate somewhat normal, which meant I ate items that had gluten in them.  Not alot, but I was not sticking to what I know works for me… and I paid for it.  By the end of the first day my pain levels were super high…. could not even touch my legs without them hurting… my fault, I know better, but did it anyway.

The next day we went to the King Authur Flour Company in Norwich, Vermont. (      If you ever get the chance to go… do so.  Not only can you see the factory, they have a cafe there that serves food made with the flour,  sitting area inside, or outside under the sun, or in the back under a porch, all surround by beautiful trees and landscaping. A store that is to die for, oh my, everything and anything you could ever need or wish for in it, Schools to learn how to bake and classes and so much more.  Parking was easy,  getting around was easy.

One of the reasons I wanted to go was to see what all they had that was Gluten Free and be able to try some. The stores of course do not carry all the products and I did not like the idea of ordering anything unless I have tried it.  Once we got there, I was amazed… Geez, from pie crust, to cookies, to breads, to flours that measure 1 to 1, or all purpose flours, and people who could explain to you all.  Recipes on their website, blogs on gluten free you can follow… it was awesome.  So we ended up buying alot of items… 4 large bags full, but all things I will use.  Some mixes, for everything.  While I was there I learned that you can not convert all the recipes in your personal collection to gluten free, just by measurements, but need to add some xanthan gum Or it will not rise well even with yeast.  There were other things that you need to change, and people there explained it well ( as does their webpage)  There are also promotions and the more you buy the more $$ you get off in the coming months.

They give you tips and ideas and phone numbers to call, or a email to send them any questions or problems that you have.  After buying our house in April, I kindof just let things get dropped that I was doing or putting it off, but back on the ball again, and looking forward to trying all of the things we bought.  I will be learning how to cook using the items and adding what I need to for them to come out and will keep everyone posted that is following me.  Looking forward to the pie crust alone…. and then Pizza dough.  Just so excited that we got there and got to spend as much time as I wanted there, is such a beautiful setting with knowledgable people.  The sandwhich I had was wonderful on gluten free bread, tasted like regular bread.  The chicken salad that we bought to take back to our hotel room was wonderful, and they even had hand crafted marshmellows!  I have so found a place we will go back to again.  Yes as I need I will order more to replace my pantry as I use these mixes and flours up, if I can not find them in the store.  They are cheaper at King Authur website… so look out mailman, Going to be some boxes coming my way from now on!

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