Big Adventures heading our way!

Wow, we took a big step and bought us a house!  We have rented for 23 years a small apartment not far away from this house.  Our landlord wanted to redo the apartment and wanted us to move out.  He has been a great Landlord, no problems for either of us, and we knew it was time.  The apartment was upstairs and I was having a hard time getting up and down them, so was not walking much or doing much as it was easier than trying to go up and down them.  We started to look on January 1st, and I was thinking…”we are not going to find anything, just the wrong time of the year”.  Boy was I wrong!  We did look at a few apartments to rent, but they were more than what we had been paying and not as big… parking was not next to the place… nothing seemed right.

We decided for the heck of it, we would look at places to buy.  This beautiful house was a block away, and we though, maybe, well why not, so we scheduled a viewing.  On the first weekend of February we made an appointment. We walked into this home, built in 1832 and fell in love.  None of the doors are the same size, and some are not squared, but it is magnificent.  Now… the next question is can we get a loan?  Everything seemed to fall in place, (albeit a long time in my mind to happen)  The offer was accepted, the Loan went through without any snags, the inspections passed, except that the porch railing had some chips and needed to be painted,  Then we had to wait for the title search and after much nail biting on my end, that came back clear. We are indeed home owners!

So on April 11, 2019, we signed papers at our lawyers office, was able to get the keys and walked into OUR HOME.  We started to move things over slowly…. My bed, computer desk and such came first and I set up my bedroom in the downstairs bedroom.  Next were the cat items and cats… all set up in my room, where we could close them up while we moved the rest of the items in.  I have been sleeping here every since.  With the help of friends we have been moving items over a few car loads at a time and setting things up.  My husband has the two upstairs rooms, one large one he will use as his office and bedroom and a guest room, which is the staging point for the boxes and totes upstairs.

When you walk into the house, you walk into a brightly painted yellow room, which we are creating our library.  It has the small tall table with four chairs, and book cases with lots and lots of books.  to the right is my bedroom and the left of this room is the Living room which is the downstairs staging area for boxes and totes.  Also off to the left is a dining room with a built in wall glass case, which some of my dishes will go in,  The bathroom is off of the dining room.  Next is a huge kitchen with 12 outlets!  12!  I will not have to move anything to plug something in.  The first thing unpacked in the kitchen was the coffee maker, coffee and cups.  We had to order a refrigerator and Stove, but have a microwave and small dorm fridge we are using for now.  There is also a washer/dryer room and a mud room.  Now add a front porch (LARGE)  and a side porch (which we are closing in with plant mess for the cats to be able to go on and not escape) a really large back yard (half acre) and did I mention the cellar and shed outside?  WOW.  Never did I think we could own something so nice, so large, so perfect for us.

It is going to be a house full of laughter, love, family and friends.  Everyone is welcome to stop by, for a visit, a cup of coffee, or something cold to drink.  Only good vibes happening here.  You can park right in front of the porch and come in the front door, or more toward the shed and come in the back door.  The house has 3 doors to come in and out ( well the third door is for getting on the side porch only) I have birds that are coming to my feeders already, we have a table on the front porch with chairs, and the swing couch and there is still room.

We have a good friend who is a little dynomite of a worker…. she has helped us move things out of the old apartment to the new house 2 to 5 loads a day, and helps me move things around inside.  I could not do much the other day, having done too much the previous days, so she had me sit, and would bring me a tote of books, where I would wipe them down, and then she would take them to each room they were going in.  The cookbooks ~ kitchen, books for upstairs, books going in the dining room in a glass door book case for the older books and then the books in the library.  that took us several hours but look at the results so far… and yes there are still more to unpack.  The cats are slowly walking around, and now seem to know where each room is and found a few spots to lay down and watch.  My parrot will come over this week.  We wanted to wait until we had the majority of items over before we moved him, so him and his cage would not be in the way.

I think my golden years are going to be mighty awesome here in this house.  Yes I know it will take several months to feel moved in and have everything where we want it, but we can do it.  Already planning to have everyone over for Thanksgiving and a “its a wonderful life” party in December.  We have gardens to plan and flowers to plant.

We also have a really big woodchuck, who is going to have to go somewhere else.  He is soooo big and is under the shed in the sideyard.  There is a spunky little chipmunk who I enjoy watching who just runs over the top of the woodchuck and harrasses him…. that little guy can stay!  Have wonderful neighbors, and right now … Life is really good! So that is why I have been not posting lately… to busy finding what box has things in that I need, and then I find stuff in other boxes, I did not know we had, I see a major garage sale coming up in our future… at the New House of course!!

3 thoughts on “Big Adventures heading our way!”

  1. Hey!! We have a Have-A-Heart trap if you want to borrow it for your ‘squatter’ under the shed!! Just let me know!! Can’t wait to come and see your new HOME!!


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