So much has seemed to happened over the last few weeks… Great things and sad things…. My 19 year old cat, that I had from a kitten, sadly died… It was her time, and I got to hold her several hours before she passed on. She was not in pain, it was just her time. She watched the birds from her favorite spot, she seemed to walk around a go to “her” places to rest awhile, and at the end came to me and wanted me to hold her.. I did, and I cried but held her. We also had visitors coming to the Lucy Bensley genealogy center where I volunteer… a bunch of them… 4th graders, so I had to go in the next day (after she died that night) and talk to them. It was a good thing for me, as it keep my mind busy, so I did not dwell on my loss. Coming home was hard, but I have two love bugs Fraser and Rosebud ( the other cats) waiting for me as well as my small parrot. Then, I had a event I went to at SUNY… a living History day, where I demonstrated how to churn butter and gave out samples and gave a talk on the art work on tombstones ( now isn’t that a combo talk!) I really enjoyed doing that. Then we have had folks coming in to do research on family and the town… 5 to 10 a week since then.

And then it got hot,..I mean really hot for us.. We went up to Old Fort Niagara for the French and Indian re enactment… and it was too hot for me to stay long, that was a first, as we usually go from opening to closing.. not this time. Came home, and AC went in the window, much to the relief of animal and humans inside.

And I have been doing butter churning demostations, getting ready for the Erie County Fair, where I do demos and work at the Historical Building, making phone calls to set up the inside demonstrators at the building, while I was also helping folks with research, both in person and through emails that they submit, writing articles for the paper ( in the Springville Times) trying to get ahead for when I am at the fair, Helping the Civil War Museum in town, working with my patio garden, watering and weeding, and times just seems to be speeding by.

In the middle of all of this I lost a set of keys I use.. that had 8 thumb drives on the ring, with 2 keys… and of course, after 10 days, still have not found them anywhere. I have notified everywhere I can think of to find them and still nothing. On a good note, I have cleaned out several old totes and bags looking for them, and under the furniture and flip and changed the beddings in the process of looking for them, talked to some great people who are helping me look.

Today I go and churn for South Wales old home week, next weekend is booked as is all the weekends in July, August I am at the fair churning twice a day, then head up to stay with my granddog while my son and family go on a trip. September is open… well no it is not, I have several events planned for that month as well… geez… when did I get so busy?! So I will be posting and updating when I slow down… really I will but until then., maybe I will see you at one of the events I do.

Oh… and on a positive note… I am still staying gluten free… getting easier and easier to do .. but gosh darn it, you really have to read the labels on everything.

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