5 Months gluten free

We have a new coffee shop in town and let me tell you this… they have super coffee AND the best, they carry the best home made gluten free treats, chocolate brownies with peanut butter icing, or vanilla icing, and cookies. They carry gluten free waffles and bread.  They make a breakfast of gluten free toast, with avocados slices and hard boiled eggs…. oh my, I have had it 3 times now it is so good, the waffles are not bad either.  How exciting that a little coffee shop carries so many choices!

So in the 5 months I have found so many food places that some carry a lot of choices and others that only have one or two choices.  Friday, I got grilled salmon, with steamed veggies all gluten free food and mighty tasty. Choices that I or anyone else can make, just have to take the time to research the food.  I really missed my fried food, but discovered that most chicken wings are fried without any batter, so I can order some wings and enjoy them, satisfying my craving for fried food, without having to attempt it at home as my frying of food never did taste right to me.  I have found that Target, and Wegman’s are the two stores around me that carry the best choices of gluten free food items.  I have bought food online, some I loved and some that I will never get again.  I do feel better, not as gassy, not as bloated and my heart burn is way down, so I am starting to see some results.  Wish my weight would drop some, but I know I am eating healthy and careful with what I eat, so it is, what it is.

My favorite snack is a apple sliced up with some cheese.  Fills me up and is healthy too.  Add a handful of Fritos  and  a tall glass of water… perfect.  Or a serving of raisins, with a glass of ice tea, fruit cut up, or a smoothy made with frozen fruit, and gluten free yogurt. I can always find something tasty to have for a snack.

I am re learning how to cook using gluten free products, re learning how to shop, now I have the items in my mind and do not have to do so much reading of labels, sure makes it easier to shop.  I have discovered that  a lot of the sweet snacks that are process for the gluten free either home made or store bought, sure seem extra sweet to me, some I even threw out, because I knew I would not eat them.. just too sweet!  So not sure if my taste buds have changed or if they really are that sweet.  So many choices I have made in the last 5 months, researching and studying before making them…. one at a time, and learning its ok if the choices are ones that I will stay with, or change again.

I choose to go gluten free to improve my health, and think it was a good choice.  I hope those that follow me enjoy the post and I hope to hear from all of you!

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