Happy Birthday to me!


So I have been wanting to get a better zoom lens for my camera, but just could not justify the prices they were.  I did some research and most of them ran anywhere from $1,300.00 and $3,000.00.  Yeah, that is not happening.  So Idid a little more research and found one for $140.00.  WHAT!?  looked it up, and yep, that was the price and it had great reviews…. I read almost everyone of them, and the only problems I could see happened either because they did not use a tripod, or the picture was blurry….. ok, that is ok, the lens itself was fine.  Ok, I can afford that. It is a 650/1300 Zoom, the one I have now goes up to 300, so a lot more zoom power with this one.  Now, because of it’s size I did not want to be changing the lens all the time.  I checked online, and found a camera body, the same type that I have a rebel Cannon … for under $100.  Oh boy this is just awesome!  So I ordered both!  For under $300 I have a new camera and zoom lens.

They both came within 3 days, even more exciting.  So I snuck downstairs on our porch and played with it for a little while.  Shoot, I will be able to get a photo of the birds nose hairs!  geez.  I got some practicing to do for sure.  It is manual focus, so I will have to  re learn doing that ( got lazy with the auto focus) but can see where that can be fun too.  Will have to use a tripod, because as you know, the more you zoom, the more you can not move or the subject will be blurry, and the lens itself has a place to mount the tripod.  You mount it that way instead of on the body of the camera as the lens is heavier than the camera and thus could break off if moved around to much. I got so use to the camera choosing the F stops and iso, that I got lazy there as well, time to re learn!

Now I am the search of a smaller suitcase, which I will create as a camera case, cheaper than buying one for cameras and now I am looking for the weather to get warmer (mother nature is playing with us now) so I can plan for some scooter and car trips to go and sit and take photos to learn how to use the camera and lens.  Practice does make perfect…. I got lots of practicing to do!


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