Can you believe 3 months gluten Free?~


I am going to pat myself on the back.  3 months gluten free…. I have done it.  Had some good days, some days where I craved food that had gluten… like a donut, fried chicken, cookies… But, I stuck with it, and found some really great food!  This little bakery shop Vin-Chet.  OMG… if you want so fantastic bake goods, fresh bread, even Pizza, this is the place to go, OR if you can find it in the stores buy it.  I highly recommend it.  I had a Chocolate~peanut butter dessert that just melted in my mouth.  We watched them as they made Pizza and wrapped it up for sale at Stores… and the bread … you could smell it as it baked.   They also had some jars of different things like pasta sauce ( bet you did not think that some of the sauces have gluten in them)

I have found some great pre made cookies in the refrigerator section of the store… you know they type, you separate them and place them on the cookie sheet to bake.  They were wonderful.  And I have found some dry mixes for Chocolate chip gluten free cookies, will try them next.  AND the absolutely best…. Girl Scout have even made a Gluten free cookies!  My niece was selling them and I got 2 packages and let me tell you , they were really good.

They say it takes 6 weeks of doing something to make a bad habit…. and 12 weeks to undo that habit.  So I wonder, does being gluten free, make this a good habit now… I hope so,  making the choice to have a hamburger without the bun, or grilled fish, instead of fried, choosing jello or fresh fruit for dessert instead of cake, it is easier so maybe it is getting to be a good habit now.

The last few days I have not been feeling well, like everyone else… nothing a lot of sunshine and warmth, would not help me get over, but will look at photos for now.  During this time, I use to love having chicken noodle soup, which I am still having, but now, instead of coming our a can, now I make my own, with gluten free noodles,  or wild rice with  chicken broth, taste really good to me.  Still working on crackers I like… I have tried a few of them, just not always crazy about them.  I like them, but just not excited about any of them.

My pain management that I am doing, seems to be working, and I am walking more, so that has help, but the main absolutely  most positive result is I am sleeping again.  Maybe not a lot at one time, but I am sleeping.  That always helps me during the day.  I am still drinking lots of water, and not eating anything if possible with preservatives in it, and thus not very many pre made items, so fresh and from scratch is the way now.

Continuing to make a choice to be Gluten Free, one day at a time, one item at a time… and researching each day!

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