Well, I am starting to feel a lot better since I have gone gluten free.  I have noticed that my heartburn has almost left.  Interesting, wonder if that is what caused my heartburn, eating the gluten… will keep you posted.  I also have been on a new pain management program now for 10 days now, and wow, what a difference!.  Think we are on the right path for sure.

For the last week, I have slowly been getting sicker and sicker, and I guess it was my time to be sick.  Sunday morning, we headed down to the Ashford Junction Store for breakfast, and ended up meeting several friends there, so we ate at one large table and caught up with each other.  I also am staff for the Historical building on the Erie County Fair grounds, and even though the Fair is not until Aug 8th thru 19th, we have started having meetings and starting to get all the demonstrators lined up for the 10 day events.  We will ( 4 of us) rent a camper again, which makes it so much easier to work there, without traveling back and forth to the house, carrying all I need for the Butter churning demos, and my camera, because I take photos of course, and my old fashion clothes, and my needled felting pictures, and well, you get the idea.

After breakfast, we decided to take a “Sunday” drive and really enjoyed it.  Taking photos and enjoying the Spring like weather it got up to 44 degrees while we were out.  Saw all kind of wildlife, out and enjoying the warmer weather, and the cows and horses were out of the barns today as well.  Took several hours and drove on back roads and past cemeteries that of course are not plowed out yet, but took photos of the cemetery anyway, as well as the area where we traveled even a snowman someone placed in the crossroads.  and a dinosaur!  Deer were everywhere, birds …. crows, ravens, pigeons, small birds were flitting about.  We drove by the yellow submarine that is parked by the side of the road, and some of the other little places we like to go to , we will go back when the weather is better and the snow is gone… then watch out, as we really love driving around taking photos….Then by afternoon, I was sick, so I stayed in bed off and on the rest of the day, and on Monday, that is my game plan.  I am feeling better, so the sun is shinning now, and hopefully I am on the upswing to feeling better.  Got lots of computer work to do this week, as well as giving a talk on Wednesday night for the Historical Society  on the older places located in town where you could purchase items for Valentine day, and what was available… from some that were in 1844, to the 1880s, to the 1907 and 1912, to 1956, 1973, to present… some of the stores lasted several decades!  Thursday, I am talking to home schoolers, about how to research your family history and they will be able to cut some articles out of some old newspapers (don’t panic, these are copies, upon copies of some old ones we have, we kept the best) to be able to see how prices have changed and what all would have been in the paper from the 1920s before the radios and TVs and all the advertising that we have now.  Friday, I have another appointment, follow up and then…. who knows what adventure my week will bring.  So glad that it is becoming easier to stay gluten free and learning the choices, and do not even think about it much anymore.  Still miss some of my foods that I used to eat, like fried Chicken or fish fry, but I will hold on to continue being gluten free, and will learn how to create the fried Chicken and such using gluten free flour and cornmeal…. one meal at a time.

So I will continue to improve my health, day by day, choice by choice, while we line up demostations for my butter churning, with my friend, (we are know as Grandma butter and Aunty Herb) to my  needle felted pictures, to writing articles for the Springville Times called Looking Back with the history of the local area, to focusing on walking more, since my pain levels are down now, to taking photos, and working on several facebook pages for others, to reading for some authors and reviewing their books, to whatever adventures lies ahead of me while I continue to  enjoy my life …. Follow me to see where I go and what happens next!

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