My Adventure for the day

So, Today I am starting a new pain management program to try to reduce my pain.  I grab my friend to ride along with me as I need to go to Amherst.  You know you may have a strange day, when you park your car, to go inside, and when you come out… there is a huge truck , unloading food for a restaurant.  So we sat there for 15 minutes, but she went out and ask if he could move his truck so we could get out, which he did with no problem.  Ok, 1st hurdle crossed and we are on our way.  Now I am using my GPS, because, even though I know where Amherst is, I am not sure where the building is… all is going well, and then we hit the 33.  Now, my GPS had issues for some reason, because I went on ever part of the clover leaf…. I would get off one, and it would send me to the other one…. After both of us getting the Giggles, we got off and headed in the right direction using her phone as a GPS.  Now we are on a roll and heading off…. only 7 miles away, and mine GPS now wants me to get back on the 290…. arrgghh… so we used hers only and finally find the complex.  Now… next hurdle, we have to find the  number…. it is # 30.  We see # 25, and next to it # 100.  Wait? What?! … Where is #26 thru #99?  So my friend gets out, to see if it is inside the building, nope, on the other side…. geez…. So as we drive around, we see the Lloyd’s Taco truck!!  OMG we know what we are having for lunch. ( they make their own shells, we checked, all corn, and other ingredients were all gluten free)  So on the other side of the building, on the very end… (numbering system, made absolutely no sense) we find #30.  Park and go inside.  The gentleman at the first counter, the first one you talk to … was …. very…. well, serious.  Mmmmm, I guess we have to settle down.  By the time I filled out more forms, and went to the bathroom, it was time to be seen.  I had a very pleasant lady assist me, followed by the pharmacist, who took there time with me, answered every question I had, told me how to take the new meds… and left it as I can call if I have any questions.  Talk about nice!   We went back to the back parking lot and had tacos, very good and worth the wait.  Now back home we come, with a little side trip to Vin Chet, a gluten free Baked good shop.  OMG… talked about excited.  A very little shop, but with so many items in their case from all kinds of sweets, to breads, to pizzas to sauces, noodles, frozen goods… WOW.  I got a heart shaped peanut butter treat, it was great!  My friend go carrot cake and I tried some… it was delious.I will be going back there again!  My GPS knew the way home, and we were back in town by 2pm.  Impressed if I says so myself.  So still staying gluten free, one choice at a time… and having a friend to support me and go with me is priceless!


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