2 Months Gluten Free!!!

Today I am celebrating 2 months of being gluten free!!  2 months of writing this blog, 2 months of trying to take control of my health.  What a journey it has been so far. So to celebrate, I made up a batch of double chocolate cookies that were gluten free to share with my friends  and of course me, who have been supporting me on this adventure.  I have learned so much… still learning, but now I am able to read a label and have some idea of what I am reading. I know which stores carry the most gluten free products, it is a toss up between Target and Wegman’s… what one store does not carry the other one does and they are only a few blocks apart, so makes it easy to go to both on the same day.  I know a few places that now cater to the gluten free crowd with food items on the menu, all I have tried have been mighty tasty.  I still have other places I would love to go and shop at and I will, as well as other restaurants I want to try and see what their food that is gluten free taste like.  I love the fact that McDonald’s offers their hamburgers with no buns for folks that want to go gluten free.  And yes I know that if you have a celiac condition this is not an option. ( they have to have NO GLUTEN, not even cross contamination, it will get them not feeling well~ my daughter in law has that) and then of course, even if you get a few french fries, which in themselves are gluten free, they have been in the same fryer as the chicken fingers which are not (drat) so can be cross contaminated.  so I am learning the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts still, but I have been able to stay gluten free for 2 months now.

I have not loss any weight yet but was surprise to find out I have loss a total of 2 inches in my hip waist area.  My pain level has good days and bad days still, but I do feel better, so I am going to stick with being gluten free and keeping this blog to mark my progress for myself and any others that might want to follow me.  I am also starting a new type of pain relief program and hoping that will help with the pain so I can move around more, which I know will help. Trying to decided if I want to blog on that or just add it too this one …. I will think on that.

I am sure that some want to know how to go gluten free… you can read my blogs to find out how I did it, but one thing that I feel like everyone who is going to try this is to have a support system in place.  Family and friends who know that you are going to attempt this and are willing to support your decision and not tempt you, but rather assist you on going gluten free.  I am sure I would not have gotten this far without it.  I am strong, but having those around me to know what I am going thru and to be there for me and maybe even assist me, be happy for me when I have hit little milestones like 1 month gluten free, 2 months gluten free, to be willing to try some of the foods with me and give me their honest opinions, to help me find gluten free products… is priceless!

I will continue being gluten free, and as always, 1 choice at a time, 1 item at a time, 1 meal at a time, and 1 day at a time!

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