You know, we all need that crazy friend that will go with us on adventures.  And what a adventure I had today.  We went to the Kazoo factory.  The drive over there we talked all about our problems, and issues… we all have them.  Then we get to the factory and as soon as we walked in the door, we were transported back to our childhoods, laughing and giggling and having a blast.  We all need to take time to just sit back and not be adults for a little while.  Kazoos are definitely  a way to do that, I mean, how can you be tense, or worried with a Kazoo in hand?  And then to look at all the ones they had, big ones, little ones, red ones green ones, ones that look like a tractor or like corn on a stalk… just a joy.  To see how they were made and where they were made…. a simpler time for sure….less worries… not so sure about that.  I have a feeling even in the early 1900s there were worries and stress and problems then too.  but a Kazoo, blow on one, and your worries, stress, problems just do not seem as bad… and those that are around you, well, they just have to smile, laugh, and enjoy the moment.  Maybe that is what we do not do anymore, is enjoy the moment, take time to be funny, goofy, not so stiff and proper  ( ok, no one EVER accused me of that) and just breath.  Breath and laugh, Breath and look around us at the simple things, Breath and smile at a animal, or a flower, or a child, Breath and realize, that everything we worry about is not really that important.  We can not all be a size 10, I mean what fun would that be… no challenge if we all looked the same.  Breath and understand, that we need to live in the moment, with what we have, who is around us and appreciate it all.  So folks, today, take the time to Breath, laugh, be goofy, smile, Breath and relax.  Life is ok, you are ok, and if you have friends, or even one special person in your life…. Life is good !

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