51 days … gluten free

Today my husband and I started off at the Comfort Zone in Hamburg, New York.  They have a gluten free menu as well as treats in the bakery glass case.  Today I got the panini sandwich that was turkey, brie, raspberries spread and walnuts…OMG it was divine.  Then we went to Fresh Rite store.  Now they had a few items that were gluten free… and the store was small so not a whole lot of food to begin with.  I did pick up some fermented turmeric tablets to try and see if they help with my inflammation pain. If you need any herbal remedies and you have some idea what you want, they have a wall of choices you can chose from.  Organic soaps, and washing powders, cleaning products and organic food for the pets, Frozen section of gluten free products , where I found some of the Canyon brand Rye bread, going to give that a try, and a few others and a refrigerator section as well.  Great people working there that were very knowledgeable.  On to Wegman’s.  Well, let me tell you.  Between Target which did carry a lot of gluten free items scatter amongst the regular food… Wegman’s has 2 areas that are dedicated to being gluten free… and what wonderful choices!  What Target did not have, Wegman’s did, and they are not that far apart from each other.  As you can see in the above photos, I did purchase a lot of different items… 3 different brands of individual sizes of Lasagna, I will let you know which one I like best, some ready made cookies, some that just need to be backed, last time I went to Target’s I got some cookie mixes, so I can compare them all.  I picked up some more crackers, some I like, some not so much, but have not tried this brand and I got some dark chocolate pretzels.  Yummmm.  They also had other flavors of my Noosa brand yogurt, the plain sweeten with honey, that I have been looking for everywhere.. and they were even cheaper than Target’s, which was cheaper than Walmart.  So I am thinking i am going to have to several stores to find all that I want.  I ran into some friends at Wagman’s store, they too were going gluten free, dairy free, and nut free… I was able to point them to the right direction. When I came home, I open the chocolate chip cookies with maple.  They were a little on the sweet side, but otherwise okay. Still full from the panini I had for lunch, so lasagna will be taken with me to eat for lunch, while I am at the Lucy Bensley Center.   Along with some fruit and veggies, and maybe some crackers or chips ( all gluten free of course) and I should have a good lunch.  I been on a raisins kick lately, so have a large box sitting on my desk to snack on, and at home, I have nuts in a jar sitting around to snack on.  Cold weather is still going on and sounds like it will for a while, so I go walking inside a store during these times.  I got all my steps in and then some today.  Stiff when I got home but trying some fermented turmeric to see if that will help me.  So many choices I was able to make today from lunch, to items on the shelve, to walking around the store, to writing this blog.  Yep, Once choice at a time, one day at a time… seems to be keeping me going day by day!

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