I am in Love!!


I love my Husband!  He got me a waffle iron, One I have never seen before.  I had told him how much I missed eating waffles.  I had eaten them since I was young.  We ( meaning him and I) never got one, and when we would go out I would ordered them and enjoy them so much.  But since I am gluten free now, I knew trying to find somewhere to purchase one gluten free was not going to happen.  He mention he was getting me a waffle iron and he had to order it.  I thought ok, wonder what he is getting, but his choices are alway good ones so thought nothing of it, but made sure I had the ingredients to make waffles.  OMG  when the waffle iron came in I was shocked.  First, I had never seen one like this before, but knew he had researched them and he thought this was the best.  Now, how to use it, as it stands upright… ok, had to get the book out.   1) set the dial where you would like you waffle to look like, example light, medium or on the dark side… once the waffle iron beeps, it is time to pour in the batter.  2) On the top you will see a square, that is a funnel you pour the batter into with the cup provided. 3) the waffle maker will beep when the waffle is done 4) using the latch on the side, open the waffle maker and remove the waffle.  Well that sounds easy enough.  I plug it in, made my batter up… waited for the beep… and pour in the batter….. waited for the beep again and open and removed the waffle.   I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS WAFFLE MAKER.!  It worked perfect.  My batter was a little on the thick side, so first one was not all of the waffle iron.  I added a little more milk to the batter and my 2nd one was perfect!  So easy to use and clean.  the cup fits over the side latch and it does not take up much room to store it.

Looking through the book that came with the waffle iron… I got me some waffles I want to try.  One was Cornmeal chives waffles to be serve with chili. You would take on of the 4 sections of the waffle for a serving.  I can use my gluten free cornmeal and rice flour, or the redmill white flour, then it is just eggs, butter milk, butter or oil and chives.  does that not just sound wonderful.  Or then there was the Cinnamon Sugar waffles, which you could make and then serve with fruit or ice cream, or the spicy cheddar waffles, or ever one where you made up some chicken and made this waffle , serving the chicken on top and then adding a sauce over it all.  It also included several pages of different butters to make, well I need no help there as I am Grandma Butter and do Butter Churning demostations already, creating all sorts of wonderful butters… I could send them some recipes,  I made one batch of strawberry honey butter that was divine, or my orange butter, or maple pecan butter… or … well you get the idea.  My first waffle I made I added peanut butter on it when it was still warm and strawberries jam.  Oh yes, I can see where this is going to be a well used piece of kitchen ware for me!

Thank you my dear husband for choosing a perfect gift for me!  One choice at a time, one day at a time and now…. one waffle at a time!!!!

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