Gluten Free Shopping trip!


It was cold, in fact -4, when we started our Sunday trip today.  We slept in for a change.. not late 8am and then were lazy for a while, heading out around 10;30 this morning.  where were we going?  Well, to Targets and Orchard Fresh to shop.  I wanted to see what gluten free products they had and grab some items to try.  We started off eating breakfast, and then on to Targets.  Now I am sure that all the Targets are basically the same layout, and I headed back to the food section.  I wanted to go aisle by aisle, and did so.  Skipped the paper products and started with the fresh fruits and veggie aisle.  Most of that I can have so just kindof looked real fast, and then I spotted the NooSo Yoghurt!  Now if you have never tried it, you absolutely without a doubt need to try it.  Walmart carries 2 maybe 3 flavors, BUT TARGET…. Wowzer they had like 8 to 10 different flavors, and I picked up, Banana Chocolate chip with pecans, Vanilla bean, Honey cranberry & almond, Rasberries, Mexican Chocolate, Pumpkin, CoConut, and Key lime flavors…. Holy Moly, there were more, but that will have to wait until next time… And…. they are cheaper than Walmart…. a win win for sure! Next aisle was the freezer section and I found to my delight the Udi’s brand I have been looking for… I got plain bagels, whole grain bread, whole grain English Muffins, a Lasagna with meat all gluten free of course.  Then I had to go to the bathroom, which is all the way up front, the furtherest away it can be… really…. ok, a walk there and back….Next to it was the Amy’s gluten free products, and I picked up some Brown rice, Black eye peas with veggie bowl,  There were about 15 different types in the Amy’s brand, on to the next aisle

where I found soups.  Now the gluten free products are kind-of mixed in with all the rest, so that took me a time to find what I wanted, which I did, some tomatoes soup by Pacific that was Gluten fee.  Then I saw some Nature Valley protein bars, Dark Chocolate with almonds on the next aisle.   Ok, my legs needed a break and I was  ready to go to the next store.

So we checked out and headed over to Orchard Fresh… and like the other stores, there is no one section for the gluten free, so you have to read and check each item.  They two carried the Udi’s brand, but not some of the items I wanted to try, and what they had was about the same price as Targets, But here, I found more cracker type food that I wanted.  I picked up some flat bread, everything flavored by Absolutely which looked good along with Blue Diamond, nut this, Cheddar Cheese, and Sesmark Ancient Grain rice crackers.  I also gots so garlic parsley pasta, some other tomato soup and split pea soup by Imagine to try, looked like it had less sodium that the brand I got at Targets.  They also had Amy’s brand of chicken pot pies, several types of Mexican burritos and enchiladas about 5 different brands of gluten free pizzas. Then I found some cornbread mix by Red Mills, they had several other mixes as well as gluten free flours.  While we were checking out, I noticed some Dark Chocolate Peppermint covered twist!  You have got to be kidding… I thought I would never be able to have them any more… heck yea I bought some… 2 bags, one dark chocolate and one white chocolate… Heaven!!!

Now home unloading and trying to find somewhere for all the food  we bought.  I can see that I am going to have to shop around to get all the gluten free food I want, and may even have to order some.  Yes it takes a little bit more work but the end goal of being gluten free is worth it for me.  I am still working on which yeast I can have, verses which one I can not have, and learning what does have gluten in them… and how it is hidden sometimes…but I will continue to do this one choice at a time, one day at a time…. Thanks for following me!

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