These are my two co-support unit I have as I research more regarding gluten free products.  they of course check out each new item I eat… cheese is ok, according to them as is yogurt, they are not too impressed with my wild rice cakes. or my jello. I was pleasantly surprised when my husband went and got us some food from McDonald’s the other day. He ordered my with no bread and I was not sure what I was going to receive, imagine my surprise when I got to salad size containers, with everything but the bread.  It was very good, fresh and tasted great.

I got a lot of things done this week, which means I had the energy to do them.  So I do think I am getting more pep. I went through all of my “winter” clothes and now they are all organized and folded or hanging up.  I had been putting that off for a long time.  Then I tackled the dreaded sock drawer.  You know, the one where they hide, and loose their partners? Took out all the socks, that just do not fit, or I really don’t like and put them in a bag for someone else or to use for cleaning, and then the  rest of them I matched up.  All of this while it is super cold outside today…. a whooping 0 … do not even want to look to see what the wind chill factor is.  I write some articles for both the facebook page for the Historical Society as well as for the Springville Times.  I got 3 of them done this week ( one a week is used) and 1 I have been working on, as it is too long and need to narrow it down.  and I am working on my family tree this week as well. and I started a book.  Yep, getting stuff done, and it feels good!

Today is 36 days gluten free.  I am starting to feel more comfortable when I go shopping now, and can find the products faster.  I can find the little seal that is on the labels, and knowing where to look on the cans, jar or boxes now and see where there is not gluten type ingredients. I am now trying to figure out what I can eat when I go out, and that was is not falling into place as easy.  I am understanding the terms and how to find information online now, and I received a King Arthur catalog, which not only shows me all items, mixes and flours they have, but has recipes as well.  Today, we go and get my waffle iron I ordered.  I love waffles, always had, but never really made them at home.  I decided I wanted to start making them again, and pick our a waffle iron I liked, ordered it, and it is in today!  We are having waffles tonight for dinner!!  MMmmm, Waffles with peanut butter, waffles with fruit, waffles with ice cream in the evenings, oh yea… I a so looking forward to my waffle iron!     One choice at a time, one day at a time, and sometimes it is even 1 thought at a time, as I try to decided what I want to do or try.

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