My Gluten Free Journey continues…

Dinner tonight is Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, carrots, broccoli and a roast cooked slowly all day.   I put some thyme and rosemary on for seasoning.  When I walked in the back door after I volunteered at the Lucy Bensley Center for the day, the smell was divine!  I made myself some and OMG is was awesome, Gluten Free, so tender…. I can handle this on such a cold and windy day.  Violet one of my cats watched me off and on for the afternoon upside down, I wonder if I look better that way, but it was entertaining to say the least.

I measure myself today…. only because my pants really felt more loose, and I got curious.  Imagine my surprise that I had lost 1 whole inch off my hips!  My weight is the same as is my waist measurements, but I will take the 1 inch loss for sure. I am so proud of myself for sticking to being gluten free during all the holidays.  We even went to the casino, we go at least once a year just for fun and their wonderful buffet. I was thinking I was going to be disappointed at not being able to eat all, but I was surprised at all that I could choose from.  Yes, I could not get the chicken wings, or gravy, or any of the pasta, or bread , but wow, I could get the steak, or prime ribs, and shrimp…. I could get the au jus, to put over my wild rice, there was sweet potatoes, a plus for me at any meal, and beans, and corn, and I had more than enough choices.  There was plenty I could choice from for desserts too.   We had gone with friends, so had good company, good food, and even came out a head money wise… and all in just a hour or so.

Still not sleeping good or through the night, but I am sure that will work out as well.  I have Sara Sorci of Sweet Flag Herbs working with me and I am positive she will be able to come up with a formula of natural herbs that will work for me.  She has been a huge supporter for me during this journey and without her guidance I am not sure I could be doing this.  It is so important to have a support unit in place when you do any kind of change in your life, and I have so many.  Jennifer Weber has been there for me each step of the way, laughing with me and lending her ear and helping me to understand things when I get confused.  My daughter in law Bobbi Maddox who has learned she has a celiac condition, has recommended different products that she think I would like, and also helps me to understand how to measure or cook some things… and we even learned the red twizzles have wheat in them… go figure!  along with some other products that you use, some lotions, some shampoos and such. My husband through it all has been awesome…. letting me clear out the cabinets of gluten products and fill them with gluten free only.  (don’t worry .. he has a area of his foods he likes that may have gluten in them) but has total supported me through this… even learning to read labels when he goes shopping and now he only gets what is marked gluten free, or knows it is by reading the labels… how wonderful is that. My mother in law, who bought some gluten free cookies at Christmas time, so I could have dessert with the rest of the family, and she cooked all gluten free,   I brought biscuits for me, as she had rolls for the meal, but otherwise, she also conformed for me, even though she did not have to. I also have you that are following me now, that send me encouraging notes and thoughts… I am so appreciative of all of you….. and I will continue this journey…. one day at a time, and one choice at a time…. thank all of you!

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