Happy 2018




The New Year has started…. very coldly for us, it was minus 8 when I got up this morning.  My husband made breakfast so I think my year has started off very good.  We did some running around today, washing clothes, shopping and such.  When we went to Walmart I got a small pocket camera to keep in my purse or bag.. this is because I hate changing lens on my Canon camera… I want to keep the zoom lens on it, so this is for those photos when something is close to me or I want to take a wide picture.

Now when you get these camera, you of course have to first open the plastic that they are in.  Challenge one…. took me 20 minutes to get it out of the package.  I had to purchase a SD card separate… that took 2 people, 1 pair of scissors, a few.. ” I can not believe it is not open yet” statements and at least 30 minutes.  Whew,  battery is almost fully charged.. it goes in ok… SD card, slides right in.. super… took a few sample shoots.  Yep I think it will work fine.  Now I attempted to put the wrist strap in.  Holy Moly… 1) it will not thread in enough to get in the second hole.  2) my needle threader would not bend to come back out the second hole, 3) paper clip, too big, 4) twist tie will go in, but just folds in to itself, not thru the second hole. 6) Ok, husband tries… he comes back after about 15 minutes, he can not not get it in either.  Geez, this cannot be a hard concept.  Just feed it into one of the holes, and it should slide through to the second hole and that is it.  Nope, Ok, so now I think, maybe a key ring will feed in it… 7) try medium size key ring, nope, not working.  8) find a tiny key ring, .. nope not working.  9) try my threader for when I was weaving to grab the end of the small strap while it is in the first hole, nope not working.  Now I am getting upset, it has been 45 minutes!  10) dipped the end of said strap in hot water, thinking maybe it might be more flexible if it was hot, jam it in the first hole, get paper clip that is bent into a unknown shape and stick it into the second hole, and 5 minutes later….SUCCESS!   the Wrist strap better never come out or I am returning the whole camera!

I did take a few outside photos on the way home, now charging the camera battery to full, and will take more through out the week to see how I like it.

Tomorrow I have a pot roast that is going into the slow cooker with white, and sweet potatoes, along with carrots.  I am going into the Lucy Bensley Center to work my volunteer hours, and will come home to a gluten free dinner all ready.

My goals for the coming year are really simple.  I want to be drama free.. which means sometimes, I just have to let some things go.  I want to improve being a friend, and letting people know how much I appreciate them.  I really want to be able to continue being gluten free. I want to try to increase my walking and activities.  But that of course depends on my back and health, so I guess that should be I want to try to improve my health.  I want to continue this blog to help others, that wish to follow it.( I know it is helping me) AND I am doing my family tree, not sure anyone else will want it, but doing it for me and following the people, and history of them.  Best way I know to help others to do the same is do my own as well.  I will continue to do all of these goals, and dreams, like everything else one day at a time, one choice at a time!

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