End of the year wrap up

1202171020.jpgAs the year comes to a end, I like to reflect over all that has happened in the year pass and what I want for the upcoming year.

So I start off with what have I done that has made me happy…. well, I continue to do my needle-felted pictures which is one of the crafts I am keeping around, and getting rid of the rest, as I just am not doing it, and they take up so much room.  I am also using my photos to create more notecards and they are liked by all that see them.  I expanded my butter churning demostations to places outside of town and the Fair, and last year did 150 to 160 pounds of butter demonstrating.   That’s a lot of butter!  I created a facebook page to follow the churning and to give ideas to others.  I created a webpage, but that did not seem to go anywhere, so I have let that go.  I have narrowed down what I do each day and week, to what I love the most.  I volunteer at the Lucy Bensley Center helping others research their own genealogy, and love researching the town history and sharing it on the facebook page, I created as well as the webpage I made for the Historical Society. I stop being in two Auxiliaries, as I just not able to do a lot for them during the meetings and such, with my physical limitation, but still support the Legion Auxiliaries, and Mason’s Eastern Stars where and when I can.  but I want to devote my time to where I can do the most, at least in my mind.  I also set boundaries so  I am not used or abused even as a volunteer.  Everything I did, worked well, and I was able to get so much accomplished at the Lucy Bensley Center, getting books and material ready for the people to use and read.  We traveled this year to Florida twice, and several other states.  Got to go through some great cemeteries, and enjoyed the history of all the places we went to.  Went and visited our grandson, son and wife, and enjoyed being around them, the drive there and back we found some cool places to see. I enjoyed being with my friends and family, and spending time with my husband.

Then I worked on my health, both mental and physical.  For the last 32 days, I have gone Gluten Free.  I have continued to study and read up on different foods and preservatives that are in our food and what is the best for me to use and eat.  I am now using herbs more and learning about which ones work the best for me, which ones I love to have the smell for in my house, and which one help me sleep better and lower my pain.  I continue to use acupuncture as a method of pain control and over all well being.  Go to the YMCA to work out when I can and help my pain levels down as well.  I have created a support unit of friends and family to help me through all of my changes, not to try and change my mind, but to support what I am willing to try to do for myself.  I have continued now for over 1 year now to wear and monitor my fit bit.  Increasing my steps from around 1,000 a day to now 5,000 a day and in January, I will increase my steps again. I try very hard to see the positive side of everything, and to accept, that some things I just can not change.  I have got a group of people now that are willing to help me learn more, ( and I have a learning challenge ) so sometimes I need to have things explained and re explained several times , several ways before I get it and sometimes just accept I can not understand something and be willing to accept that.

I have tried very hard this year to let people know how much I appreciate them and to encourage them in their daily lives, to always have a shoulder they can cry on or a ear to listen to them, and to support them in their choices that they make, some easy choices, and some hard ones.  I have tried to assist people when and where I can, teaching what I know to those that need it. I have tried hard not to judge people and accept them as they are.  I have tried to remove myself from those that are emotional Vampires,

What I have done new this year… 2017, Well, I have learned how to search on Newspaper.com, that we have our newspapers on from the Lucy Bensley Center.  I created a webpage for the Concord Historical Society, and learned how to add photos and menus and pages to all of that as well as a calendar. I, through the encouragement of friends have started this blog, and through a event, I now write articles for the Springville Times, about the town’s history.  Something I truly enjoy doing.    I hope that I will be able to continue all that I have done this year and be able to add some more great things for next year.  And I will continue to do all of this one day at a time, once choice at a time!

One thought on “End of the year wrap up”

  1. Jolene, you rock! Thanks for sharing these intentions, and empowering others to take care of themselves, have healthy boundaries, and do what they love. Inspiration for 2018!


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