End of the year…. snow!


Well this week between Christmas and New Year has always been one of those strange ones for me.  Something always seems to come up, or happen.  And this year has not disappointed me…. It snow… Now when I say snow… I mean we have had 3 or 4 FEET of snow in the last 36 hours.  Crazy, and now the temperature is in the single digits… more snow coming.  Yeah a good time to hibernate!

I made home made cheesy, broccoli potato soup today, with sliced ham for sandwiches. Mighty fine indeed.   I worked on researching from home today as it was to snowy and cold to go into the Lucy Bensley Center.  I could get there, but some of the roads were not plowed good, and the wind was blowing the snow around, and it was snowing and I decided it was good to stay home.  Then by the end of the day, with all the snow and the extreme cold, we decided to stay closed for the week and take a little break.

Back to my researching… You can through, a subscription at newspaper.com ,research a lot of the old newspapers.  If you go to the Concord Historical Society Webpage, you even get a discount, and we get a % back (www.concordnyhistoricalsociety.org) and then all you have to do is plug in the name or business you want to search and a time frame… and search, and you will not believe all that pops up.  Making history come alive and readable on the newspapers of the time.  It is absolutely amazing!  I am research one person and I just keep finding out interesting facts about him… all the jobs and groups he belong to, what he did, his family, his business…. if you have never try it, come down to the Lucy Bensley Center ( next year in January) and let me show you how fun and fast it is.  There was even a mention of this person in a Ireland paper!

Tomorrow, since we are closed, I am staying in my PJs, grabbing a big mug of coffee, paper and pen for notes, turning on some tunes and researching.  A fun day for me indeed.  Yes, I should be cleaning the house more, or working on some of the facebook pages I help with, but tomorrow I am taking a day for me and playing by reading old papers, and enjoy the history that unfolds.  The cats will enjoy me being home to snuggle up next to me while I read online.  A perfect day I am thinking!

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