Gluten Free Day 26







The weather has been crazy…. 3 feet of snow one week, green grass and rain this week, with more snow coming and temperatures dropping to single digits. Through it all, I have found more food to try, and hot tea and coffee are my companions.  ( don’t fret, there is a huge container of water ,64 ounces, that is always next to my computer that I drink from all the time)  Yesterday I got a lot of house work done for me.  just keep doing a little at a time, then sitting down and reading, or doing computer work for a while, then up and doing another thing on my check list.  I have found if I keep a list of what I want to do each day near me and work on it, I can not only get the items checked off, but see that I am doing something and getting things accomplished.

I tried Progresso, Spilt Peas Soup yesterday for lunch.  It was ok.  I guess, the peas seem like they were not cooked all the way, but the overall taste was decent. Tonight we are having Hormal chili, which I love, so I know it is good.  This morning I got brave and tried another bread I had picked up.  Canyon Bakehouse, 100% whole Grain, Ancient Grain Bread.  Now reading the label I see that yes it is Gluten Free, also it is Dairy, Soy, and Nut free.  I have had it sitting on my counter now for almost 2 weeks.  I had tried and liked the Schar bread, and just could not imagine something that was Dairy, Soy, Nut and Gluten free, would taste like anything.  The way I try bread first is toasted.  I like things crunchy, so that is a plus, right off the bat.  Then if it has a good taste, that is better.  I toasted it up, added some fresh butter ( my homemade butter by the way) place it with some fruit on my plate for breakfast.  Had my cup of coffee in hand, because if it tasted bad, I was just going to wash it down with coffee… fast.  You know what?  for being free of so many things… I almost think I like it better than Schar brand of bread.  Not as gummy, if that makes any sense, and has a more whole grain taste to it ( well duh.. it is 100% whole grain) .Ok, we will try a sandwich and see if I still like it.  I will report on that later.

We went to Ponderosa last night for dinner.  We have not been there in maybe a year or more.  I really wanted fried shrimp.. I am missing my fried food, but settled for the grilled Salmon.  I got some wild rice from the buffet along with some carrots, beets, and corn.  When the Salmon came out it had a baked potato with it.  Now I thought if you got the buffet with your meat, that was all you got was the meat… guess I learned my lesson there.  But I was surprised how good the grilled Salmon was, with the rice and other veggies I was full and did not miss having fresh bread with it.  Had some sweet tea with the meal, and I am not really missing having soda pop any more.  Guess my body is adjusting to these new taste… or maybe I am just stubborn enough to think so.

We will be going over to my in-laws for Christmas dinner.  My mother in law, who is a fantastic cook, knows I am going gluten free so as she makes some of the food she is being careful for me, even thou I told her not to worry, as I could bring my own food.  There will be plenty of veggies and salad, she is roasting the meat, so good there.  I am making some gluten free biscuits for me and a few for anyone that ones to try them.  I just will not be eating any cakes or cookies, or having Gravy on my food, although, I do have packets of McCormick’s gravy that I might take with me and make up, so I can indeed have gravy.  Now that is funny in my mind.  As I think of the food I can eat and can not eat at my in laws house, my mind automatically went to what could I take so I could still enjoy the food.  WOW, I guess my mind is changing… as always one choice at a time, one item at a time and one day at a time!

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