Tis the season





My back is so much better today…. Using my herbs regularly that my herbalist Sara Sorci  gave me.. And today I got a wonderful email from her.  She is reading all of my post and making recommendations along the way… that is what you really need if you are going to try to go Gluten free and that is a support system, of folks, family or friends that will help, encourage and give you ideas.  Trying this alone is only setting yourself up for failure.  I have such a wonderful support group and that is making it so easy for me.

So today I tried Amy’s Broccoli and pasta with cheese, it was really good.  I had that and a orange for lunch… then we went out to Julie’s restaurant.  You can get any of their pasta dishes with gluten free pasta… which I think is awesome and thank them for doing so. I got the Shrimp scampi tonight and let me tell you, you could not tell the difference at all!  OMG it was wonderful. I was so full.  My friend Jennifer was with us, with one of her friends that just came home to be with family for Christmas.  We all had a great meal and conversation.  At the end, Jennifer wanted a dessert, she choose it to go as she felt bad eating it front of me.  But I really did not mind, I was not craving it and could have and would have continue to talk to her while she ate it.  But she was sure I would be resenting it deep down.  Somehow… while I am doing this gluten free adventure, everything is just falling place.  It really would not have bothered me at all, but I do appreciate her thinking of me like that.

My husband brought some treats home from some of his customers, and thought one was fudge.  Now fudge I should be able to eat, and he brought me the container.  When I opened it, it was not fudge, but the home made cookies that are small, with fudge, coconuts, nuts on top.  That is ok, I will just take them with me tomorrow to the Lucy Bensley Center and when other folks come in they are welcome to them.  And you know what… that did not bother me, not the smell, which was divine.. but I really did not want one.  I am not sure why, or how, but this time the road I have chosen to go down, just seems to be working, and I am going with it.

As always, one choice at a time, one day at a time, Educating along the way.  Having a support group and friends, makes this journey I am going on easier than I ever thought possible.  Thanks to all of you for helping me!

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