Here it is 4 days before Christmas, 10 days before a new year starts.  Today is winter solace, as well as my mother in laws birthday.  Now the sun will stay out a more each day.  So this week I have had good days and bad days…. days where I could move with no problems and days where ever single movement brought pain.

At the Lucy Bensley Center where I volunteer 3 days a week, I got a lot of things done… post pre made for pages, information researched, emails answered, photos scanned and then edited and save again, family genealogy research that was hard to find on the shelves, now each name has its own magazine box with hand written pages, books, notebooks, spiral spine books or photos included… in alphabetic order.  the above picture is when I stopped for a break and took a photo of the work in progress. Now we have 4 full shelves of organized information… may need to work on more shelves… what a wonderful problem that will be as that means we have that much more ready here for people to come in and use when they research.   That was something that we wanted done for a long time. I assist Echoes Through Time, Civil War Museum with some research for a solider who may or may not qualify for the Medal of Honor for capturing a flag, that is fun research, but also frustrating at the same time. Finding out those details takes looking into several sites, and then some more, books, battle reports, ….aarghhh.  I broke down all the cardboard boxes that have been laying around here waiting for the trash, cleaned out some notebooks and re organized them. I also write some articles for the Springville Times and got two of them researched and one written up. One is on a local group we had during the 40s, 50s, and I think 60s… time will tell, called the Rough Riders.  A group of like minded folks that had horses and assisted in herding sheep, cattle, horse, helping to find lost animals and people too I am sure, went or trail rides, were in parades.. finding out some really fun facts about them. I have kept up with my blog.  Oh I got my DNA results back and started my family tree, so did some research for me as well. So I feel like this has been a week of accomplishments for me.

I did some more research for gluten free items and where to find them.. I swear, that is going to take forever.. ever time I find one thing I have 5 more questions and more looking I want to do.  I also have felt like I was not grounded.  Sure that is not going to make sense to some of you, but you know, when you go outside and just sit and soak up sunshine, or the outdoors and how you feel like you are recharged…. I just feel like I need to do that, and it is cold outside now so, I plug in my salt lamp to see if that helps me. Bumped up my Vitamin D, because .. well, it just that time of the year.

Now if my energy level stays up, I am hoping to get all my clothes that are washed, dried and folded put up tonight, do the dishes that are in the sink and make more coffee for the refrigerator.  If I can get all of that done today… I will feel like I got a lot done, and pat myself on the back.  I think sometimes we need to set goals and try to accomplish them, and then take a moment to feel good about it.  Some days my goal is just to make it to the evening hours, other days, I can set goals of doing several things and then doing them.  I think we need to not feel bad about not reaching a goal, maybe we just need to readjust the goal, or try again.  Always stop and appreciate yourself… I think we forget to do that sometimes, and we are not good to any one else if we are not in good shape.  Take care of yourself, then it is easier to take care of others.  Enjoy the Day and Happy Winter Solaces!

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