My Gluten Free road continues!



I had a hard time sleeping last night due to pain in my hip and lower back.  I tried heat, ice, rubs… and knew I needed to get out and walk.  Now I need flat surfaces to walk on, so I headed up to Wal Mart early in the morning and walked the aisle.  All of them, and after walking 1,500 steps ( according to my fitbit) my hip/back finally freed up and I could move.

I still had time before I needed to be at the Lucy Bensley Center where I volunteer so I headed over to Tops to do more walking and see what they had gluten free.  I found out that they do not have just a section where Gluten free items are, but rather, they are scattered amongst all the food.  Ok, this may be a challenge.  So I am walking aisle again.  Now where Walmart has tags on the shelves that say.. Gluten free items, or look for gluten free items, next to the items that are so, Tops does not, so you really had to read and check labels.  I did seem to find them where the healthy choices item were located on the shelves. I did find some gluten free bisquick mix that I wanted to try, and several crackers, and in the freezer section they had more Amy’s frozen meals.  So grabs one or two more of those to try.  They did not carry the Udi’s products I wanted, but did indeed have several other brands, and sweets in the freezer section, so more options for sure.  I also notices that Nature Valley had breakfast bars, Peanut butter and dark chocolate gluten free… oh yummmmm, got a box of them.  So between Wal mart and Tops I do have more choices to chose from .. Still have to check out other stores….

For my morning break I had one of those Nature Valley peanut butter and dark chocolate breakfast bars.  It was Awesome!  Better than the Great Value one I had gotten at Wal mart.  I will admit, I did not look for these at Walmart, but if you see them, they are a 5 star in my book.   For lunch I had left over sweet potatoes, cheese and the Breton Black Bean crackers, and a orange.  MMMM looking at that after I typed it, seems like I had a orange color lunch.  but it was might fine.  I love yams, or sweet potatoes anyhow, and these were cooked to a perfect softness I like.  I had sharp cheese and cracker.  Now the Breton Crackers I got, were good, my only complaint I have…. and it might just be this box… was they crumbled easily.  I had a slice of cheese on top and when I would bite into the crack and cheese, the cracker just fell apart in sections.  All the ones I ate did the same, so this is something I will need to look into, but will try another box and see if that is a common problem, maybe just how it was packed in my take home bag.

Tomorrow I am going to try the Amy’s food bowl I got,  I choose three so not sure which one I am going to try, but will keep you posted on that.  I drank my cold tea today, and then water.  In using heat in the house and place where I work, seem to be more thirsty, so I am trying to increase my water drinking.  Over all I think I had a good day today.  Got some walking in, checked out Tops, will have to go back when I have more time and really look and see what all that they carry, found some interesting articles for a person doing some research and came home and was able to take a short nap, before we went out to a Christmas gathering.  Not a bad day at all.

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