Day 21 Gluten Free




Today marks my 21st day of consciously being gluten free.  What a surprise I got when I opened my email.  I had submitted my DNA and there were the results!  What a great reward for me.  Yesterday we got ham and Sweet potatoes for the crockpot.. Added a little Brown sugar, and it is good to go.  My husband had gotten a larger ham so we could use it for a few meals…. Wow, It was a good price.  I went to cut it up, and there were not one, but two bones in it, ok just means I have to cut at angles.  Ended up with enough for two meals in the crock pot and three large ziplocks with meals size chunks in them!  I have white and sweet potatoes left over.  The piece that has the bone in it, is going to be great when I make my homemade split pea soup.  I have all the ingredients too.   Even thou I am disappointed at not finding all the items I want that are gluten free in the stores, I am finding that my pantry does indeed have enough to create meals now.  Yea Me. After the first of the year, when things settle down, I am going to different grocery stores and list what each has that is gluten free, and which ones have not much at all.  I then will decided if I am going to order the food online.  I am hoping to get to Orchard Fresh in the next week, and start there.  They should have a lot of gluten free items.  Guess time will tell.

Have plenty of eggs and got two different kinds of gluten free flour, brown sugar, honey, baking soda, and baking powder… should be able to create a lot of fun things now. I have noticed that I do not crave sweet or salty food like I use to.  Wonder if that is something that is normal.  I picked up some gluten free pizza dough, I could cut the ham up into small pieces, that would be good… Oh!  I know!  quiche!  I have the eggs, cheese, onions, I am sure I have a recipe for a crust I can do using gluten free flour.  I forgot, that my friend Jennifer just made some and they sounded so good.  Going to see if her recipe and mine are the same and make some.

It is sure getting easier to make the choices of not having gluten, and yes there are a few things I miss, but working on finding them Gluten free or recipes so I can still enjoy them.  It is funny how when I shop now, I look for the gluten free seal, or sit there and read the ingredients… there was one can of soup, that I look fast and did not see it, so started to read the label… all of it, thinking, well I did not see where there was any flour or wheat in it, but shouldn’t it say if it was gluten free?.. keep reading and reading and when I moved my hand the last time… there is was … a tiny gluten free seal.  Geez, which they would have made that one bigger.  Then there are some food items that the gluten free seal just  Pops right out at you GLUTEN FREE.  I wish they were all the same size and same color.  but then I guess you would not really read their labels.

Now with hypothyroidism, one of the symptoms is hair loss, it just falls out all over the place.  I have noticed thou, that in the last week it does not seem to be falling out as much.  I do know my skin is not as dry, or blotchy.  So I do think I am starting to see something from going gluten free.  My pain levels are not as intense and I am walking more, so all in all, I think we are on a path to some healing and feeling better.  So happy I have a support system in place to help me, and are willing to accept I am not going to eat anything that has gluten in it.  They are welcome to, but none of them are pushing me to try one bite, or saying it won’t hurt.  They are all behind me 100% and that in itself does make each choice I make easier.  One day at a time, one choice at a time, educating myself along the way.


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