Over the last few days we have gotten snow… ok, lots of snow.  As a rule, the street department are pretty awesome keeping the roadway done.  Either they are really plowing other roads, or having a hard time keeping up, because the town roads were not done very well and driving today was a adventure for sure.  Our downstairs neighbor is a super guy and keeps our driveway ( we live upstairs, and they live downstairs) cleaned out and looking sharp.   By the time I had wiped the 12 inches plus off my car, car top and such, he had half the driveway done and I was able to pull right out…. and as I turned onto the road ( now I back in so I was pulling straight out) I fished tailed a little.  Ok, so now I know the roads are greasy and to take it extra easy.  Go to stop, did ok.  Then at the light where I was going to turn, a car turning onto my road turn… and went in a complete circle before getting to go down the road.  Oh boy.  So take it really extra slowly as I turned onto the road and was fine.  Maybe they were going to fast.

We went out to eat tonight to Mexican Resturarant in town and I pondered the menu trying to figure out what was gluten free.  Enchiladas are corn wrapped, so go there, I had checked and most Spanish rice is ok, and the beans. Really wanted to have some chips, but I think they are corn and flour, so did not eat any.  Going to have to do some more research on Mexican food to see what is or isn’t gluten free.

Then we went shopping at Walmart.  I picked up some more Gluten free items and I am getting disappointed that they do not carry more.  I can order online and do a food pickup at the store, but some of the items I want or frozen or refrigerated.  Target is suppose to carry some of the items so guess I will go up there and Tops Market and see if they carry any of the Udi’s items I want to try.  I did find Amy’s in the frozen section of the store.  She carries the Rice Mac and Cheese, Three cheese and rice noodles, and 4 other gluten free meals.  So grabbed 3 different ones to try this week for lunch where I volunteer.  The Rice Mac and cheese was good, so hoping these are too. Really wanted to grab a gluten free Bisquick mix which Walmart was suppose to have, but could not find it .  When I ask the clerk if I could order frozen or cold food for pick up, she was not sure, so I will call during the day and talked to someone to see if I can.  Guess they may be the only way I can get some of the gluten free food I want to try.

I walked up and down every aisle so got some walking in and it was nice as it was not over crowed tonight. Now home to unload the food and decided where I want it, feed the cats, and then I think I am having some Bailey’s tonight, and yes it is gluten free!

One thought on “Snow”

  1. I recall a night with my friend Cindy who is gluten-free that ended up in a lot of loud 80’s music and typing “is tequila gluten free” into google. 🙂 In case you are wondering, it is.


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