Gluten Free ~8



So today makes 18 days gluten free.  We went out to Michael’s Catering and Banquets for a Christmas party and I was not sure if I was going to be able to eat anything.  I was pleasantly surprised. The pre meal food, had lots of cheese, fruits along with other items I knew would have gluten, so I stuck with the cheese and fruit, little shrimps and such…. I asked the server if there was any food that was gluten free for the main meal.  She went back and talked to the Chef.  Wow!  I was so surprised when she came out and said…. You are being served steak and chicken, you can eat the steak, however the white chicken sauce and chicken has gluten in it.  The mashed potatoes and gravy are gluten free, and the veggie is broccoli which is of course gluten free.  We do not tonight have any gluten free bread  to chose from tonight…. Is this not just awesome!  I did eat the salad, but since I did not know if the salad dressing was gluten free, I choice to have none.  Everything is sure falling place for me.  The dessert was a pie, which was not gluten free, but by that point I was stuffed anyway.  I feel so proud of myself being able to stick with being gluten free this long.  Taking it one day at a time, one choice at a time.  Educating myself so I can make the right choice.

Today was the first day I felt..not tight, not sure if that is how to describe it, but only way I can think of to describe it. I have not weighed myself and do not want to do so until 30 days into gluten free eating.  but lighter is not quiet right, but maybe not as heavy.  Now I am overweight, so that may not make sense to some folks, but not as weighed down does describe how I feel as well.  I try not to weigh myself often, as I just get myself depressed and I know it is my thyroid issues that keep alot of the weight on me, but I just feel different.  If I could end up losing some weight, then I might feel better moving around more.

I also have a fitbit.  I wanted to show the doctors that even with a bipap I was not sleeping good, which it did indeed show.  The brand I got also shows heart rate, steps of course, a mode that helps you breath through a relaxation time, if you are stressed.  I have been trying to up my steps, the recommended is 10,000 a day, which with my back degeneration, pain levels and such is not happening.  I lower the steps to 5,000 a day and do try to strive for that.  A year ago, I was lucky to get 1,000 steps a day.  Now I am up to between 3,500 and 5,000 a day.  I have noticed in the last 3 weeks since I have gone gluten free, it is always almost 5,000 or over each day.  Now that is progress, is it because I am more aware of it, which I do not think so, I have had a fit bit now for almost 2 years and monitor it often, or because I am feeling better and so moving more.  After the first of the year I am moving my step goal up to 6,000 and see how long it takes me to achieve that.  I am excited about that. We will continue to go to the YMCA where I do walking in the pool, which seems to be easier for me, and some jogging/running in the water as well. Hot tub is always a pleasure after I am in the pool for over a hour.

After the first of the year, I am going to go to other stores that carry the Gluten free items and see what else I can find.  I really want to try some of the Udi’s brand.  Target is suppose to carry that brand, so going there to find out.  Going to make some gluten free Blueberry muffins today.  That should warm up the house and with a cup of coffee this afternoon will be a treat.  I have noticed that I do not crave some foods anymore… I use to crave salty or sweet foods, but have not noticed that in the last 3 weeks.  I can be around cookies and cakes and all the Christmas/New year treats and I am ok.  Never have had a strong will power, but somehow, this just seems to be working for me.  Even if the weigh does not come off, I am really feeling better and I will take that for now.  On Christmas day, will be 30 days I have gone Gluten free, a Christmas gift to myself If I can do it.  I will weigh myself that day and ever 30 days after that to see.  A friend told me to take measurements, as I may not lose weight but inches, so I might do that as well and make a chart.  Writing this blog, makes me feel like I need to record and be responsible and is a encouragement of sorts to myself to keep it up.

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