Gluten Free~ 6th entry


So I woke up this morning, actually kept waking up during the nights with ideas on how I want to arrange my cabinets, ready for the challenge. Started off , eating breakfast ( Chex cereal) and had coffee. Got boxes ready for the gluten items to go into, paper towels and my home made cleaner ready, trash bags, put on some good music, and I was ready.

I started by taking everything out of the cabinet. Ok, that was easy enough. Wiped down the shelves and now I go through everything I pulled out, and it is going into the box for donations, or back on the shelves. I swear, 4 out of 5 items I picked up went into the box for donation. I guess I never realized how many things have gluten in them. Some of my salad dressings, some of my seasons packets, all but 2 of my cans of soup, but I had picked up some gluten free soup, and soup mixes, waffle mix, flour…. Ok, breath, I can do this. Well it did make it easier to put everything on the shelves and organized them. I had dry beans in 3 different areas, I now have more than enough dry beans! Flour I knew I had, so that was not so much of an surprise, my gravy mixes and such did surprise me. Oh well, I had already picked up gluten free flour and some mixes, cornbread mix, blueberry mix so they went up on the shelve. I even found some gluten free oatmeal packets! I left items I knew my husband used, hot sauces, spices, and such, that I have not used in a long time, easy for him to reach, and 99 % of them were gluten free anyway. Popcorn, we get a lot from the boy scouts, and they were all gluten free, so we were good there, and I had just gotten 8 packets of tuna fish… oh no, do they have gluten?! Whew, we are good, they are gluten free. I found food that needed to be thrown out anyhow, to old and stale. All of the crackers of all type are now out of my cabinet, I had gotten a box of gluten free crackers so still had something. I can now fit my snacks I got on the shelves too!

As long as I was on a roll, I decided to go through the dreaded plastic containers that always loose lids. Wow, I got a whole garbage bag full of containers with no lids, and lids with no containers! Emptied out 2 whole shelves. Wow I feel like I did a lot today. I got a box ready for donations and rehoming of items that either have or may have gluten, cleaned out 6 shelves of my food items, and now 4 have gluten free only, the other 2, top shelves where I can not reach, has my husband’s hot sauces, hot jellies, and such… and most of them were gluten free anyhow. Vacuumed the house, did dishes, made coffee for the container in the refrigerator so we can have cold coffee whenever we want, made my coffee creamer using heavy cream and sweet condensed milk, all gluten free. Maybe going gluten free is making me feel better! Since the weather outside is frightful, I made my version of homemade soup/stew. Cubed steak, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, season, chicken broth, being served with left over cornbread tonight. Gosh I did do a lot today!

One choice at a time, one item at a time. Still reading the books, going through sights online with recipes, pinterest, going through my cookbooks, and seeing which recipes I want to try to convert and see if they work. Researching each item now, until I know in my mind what is and isn’t gluten free. Learning to read each can, and look for the gluten free seal/symbol. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and hoping that all of this does make me feel better. I know it will take 5 to 8 weeks for the gluten all to get out of your body, and then they say you should really start to see a difference. Only 2 weeks in, so bound and determine to make it .

4 thoughts on “Gluten Free~ 6th entry”

  1. Dang, your homemade stew sounds amazing! And the cleaning out the cupboards sounds refreshing– I think it’s my turn to do it here!


  2. I’ve become fascinated with my relationship with gluten (because it’s all about meee!!!). Not all gluten affects me. Some breads with gluten did not manifest unless I eat more than six slices in a day. Some pizza doughs do not affect me. Chinese foods heavily and immediately affect me (ah-hah, MSG). I maintain a balance sheet in my head. How do I feel today? Am I willing to risk some gluten?

    But what’s also intriguing is how the gluten impacts me. Some bloats me. I blow up like a balloon. It’s not pleasant. Others cause my throat to feel like its closing, which I can combat with a throat lozenge. Along the way, I’ve discovered some reactions to sulfites (but again, not all), and cheeses (but not all). Jarlsberg cheese has little impact, as does sheep and goat cheese.

    Sorry, straying off subject. Back to your subject, I see a response to being gluten-free after just a few days. It’s astonishing. But then, I say, “Look at me! I need to celebrate. Let’s have some gluten!”



    1. Wow, you like me seem to see when food effects us. I miss eating some things, others not at all… I can tell when I have eaten something that I should not have as I bloat up, have gas, and have a general blah feeling…. and it is not alway gluten items that cause it, so I am starting to keep a list going… so glad that I can see results so fast which helps me continue doing what I am doing…

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      1. Yes, I’ve come to enjoy identifying what food affects me and how. It’s like I’m shedding some light on myself when I eat something, feel a response, eat it again another time and verify I had a response and then think, ah, hah! It’s interesting, too, noting the variations and complexities that exist among the cheeses, wheat, gluten, dairy products, etc. Cheers


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