Gluten Free ~ 5th Entry





Well today is day 13 gluten free. We went out to eat with friends for breakfast, and I choose meat, eggs, and hash brown patties… no toast, with my coffee. The waitress ask me why I did not want any toast and I told her I was going gluten free. She then told me that they did indeed have gluten free bread for toast. Wowzer, so I ordered some to try it out. Who knew that the 3 girls Café in Boston New York, a little family owned restaurant would have gluten Free? All Right.   I have been eating small meals and I felt so stuffed after eating all of that. Will have to remember, that I do not need to eat it all and I can take it home next time. But it was really good.

Came home and did some more reading, not much today as I am still trying to absorb all that I have read so far. I did check to see if peanut butter was gluten free. Some are and some are not. Jif brand, you need to look for gluten-free on the label.. only some are. Peanut Butter & Co is a small independent maker out Greenwich Village New York has certified gluten free that is 10 parts per million of gluten …Wow, that is 10 less than what is allowed to be considered gluten free! Peter Pan, which I use, the company does not verify that they meet legal “gluten free” standards. Well bum. So on to Skippy… All Skippy products are considered gluten free, EXCEPT for the Natural Dark Chocolate Spread. Which does not include gluten, but is still in the testing stages for traces of gluten. Bingo! Skippy’s it is. The list goes on to include other brands, which I did not think our store carried but the names cracked me up… Teddie… old fashion organic homogenized and flaxseed peanut butter… Wild Friends, has 4 different types of peanut butter, which some contained gluten the funniest in my mind for some reason was the Squirrel Brand… it is gluten free if you find any.

I had bought two different types of gluten free cornbread mixes and had been thinking about them every since , so I was going to eat the rest of my chicken/black bean with rice soup tonight, and thought it was a great time to try one of my cornbread mixes. I choice the Hodgson Mill, Gluten free, Sweet Yellow Cornbread mix. You mix in milk, oil ( I used butter) and eggs, stir and bake. I was very surprised at how good it tasted. On the back on the box, it also has a recipe for Cornbread dressing, which is very much like mine, cooked cornbread, crumbled, butter/oil, onion, celery, chicken broth, parsley, salt, pepper, and thyme. If your butter has salt, not sure you need to add more. And bake just like I did mine…. Mmmm, so if I have any left over cornbread, I just might have to try a small batch and see how it taste.

I guess as I make my choices, one at a time, and adjust what I have in my cabinets, changing my recipes will be easier than I think. I have some cookie recipes that I have pinned on pinterest, and some of my own favorite ones that I am going to try to bake soon and see how they taste. But I am finding out that what I have tried so far, does not taste that much different. I am sure that I am going to find some recipes that do not work, and some that I truly like. Now I am wondering if I need to get new baking pans. I am not allergic to gluten, but If I make these, and others want to try them that are totally gluten free, they would not be able to as the pans could cross contaminate the food. So much I still need to learn about how to mix, cook and store my food. Tomorrow’s challenge is, going to clean out my cabinets, wash them, put fresh paper on the shelves and only have gluten free products on them… that may take all day, but I am determine to do gluten free, for me. So if the only choices I have here at the house are gluten free, makes cooking easier. My husband is my rock and supports me in this adventure… between him, my friends, this blog,( which makes me feel like I need to do this if others are following me) I am starting to feel like I can do this… one choice at a time, one item at a time.,

One thought on “Gluten Free ~ 5th Entry”

  1. Love this, Jolene! I appreciate the specific product research, and am so impressed with your attention to the details (cleaning out cupboards). I think you’re spot on with your question of whether to get new baking pans; I wouldn’t expect that of you, but something to consider if you plan to share with someone Celiac’s or other more serious gluten intolerance.


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