Gluten free~4th entry




Day 12 of being gluten free. So I had an acupuncture appointment today at noon and decided to go to the store and walk around some, seeing what all they had on the shelves. Through my reading of the books I got, researching online and talking to my daughter in law, there were several brands I wanted to look for and I was learning how to read the ingredients to see what had gluten. I was going to go further than the area that was marked gluten free.

I was looking for the Udi’s brand, which my daughter in law says that not only is it the best, that Disneyland resort ( they had been there this summer) uses this. So I went online and indeed it had everything from bagels, English muffins, rolls, bread, frozen meals , cookies so I really wanted to try something from them. From my research, it said that Wegman’s, Walmart, Target and amazon gluten free food online carried the brand. Ok, and I knew that some of the items would be located in the freezer sections. All right, I was so excited. I walked up and down all the freezer sections, refrigerator sections and the shelves and was disappointed to see that our Walmart, at least today when I was there, did not have any. I could order online and have pickup at the store. Ok, got to think about that one. I started off at the gluten free area and pick up some more Schar bread, noodles, and cornbread mix, and then I was going to walk the aisle and see what I could find. After going up and down several aisle I started to see a pattern. In our Walmart Store, if there was gluten free items in with the “regular” items, it had a yellow tag that stuck out, saying something like, check our shelves for gluten free choices. All right that was sure going to help me. I was on the soup aisle at that time, and, Campbell’s soup… has none that our gluten free, well bum. Progressive had 6 choices I could chose from, getting better. So I grabbed some split pea soup, then I noticed that Idahon brand had several mashed potatoes gluten free, you could tell by looking on the back on the package and there was a circle stamp, saying gluten free. 4 of the 6 types were gluten free, got one of them to try and headed to the next roll. The Flour aisle, well, I had picked up some rice flour early in the month, but I wanted to see which other ones I might like. I go a Pillsbury brand of gluten free flour that measured 1 to 1. ( some of the flours are not 1 to 1 ratio and you have to adjust your recipe) and Martha White had some gluten free muffin mixes, well shoot yea, I grabbed a Blueberry muffin mix to try, and I noticed that there was a package mix of gluten free coating to fry your fish in…. interesting, but that one can wait until later.

To the next aisle I go and even thou I did not need cereal, wanted to look at the breakfast bars to see if any were carried in the store. Nature Valley had 4 different ones that were gluten free, I choice the Peanut butter, Dark Chocolate Protein bar. There were not popup of pastries that I say that were gluten free, but that is ok, I am going to find udi’s somewhere and try there stuff.

By now it is time to go to my appointment so I head off to it. I got there early, and went next door to a place I friend owns and runs… Butera’s Craft beer & craft Pizzas. I wanted to see if he had gluten free menu items. Heck yea he does, as he starts to list them all from rolls, pasta to pizza I decided to try one of his. Then I had a choice of toppings…. Can it get any better? I choice Spinach, Chicken and onions with a butter garlic instead of sauce. He ( as you can see by the photo) cooks his pizza in a brick oven, OMG it was divine. I am starting to feel better and better about all of this. I am not giving up my pizza, not giving up my breads, and I am pretty sure I can adjust the rest. I went on pinterest and found two pages I am following with recipes, no bake cookies and bars, pies, stuffing, everything I might want to try.

Next time I go to the grocery store thou… I have to check out the mouthwashes… I am still amazed that some of them have gluten in them… mine does not, but really…. Now curious minds want to know which ones…. I will share my finding with you when I get them

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