Gluten Free~3rd entry


I have now been on my gluten free eating for 10 days,, and while in some cases it is getting easier, in others it is hard! We ( my husband and I) went to the YMCA and before had stopped at Panera’s for an early dinner. Since I had gone to Comfort Zone and had so many choices I was sure that at Panera’s was going to have some great choices…. I was sadly disappointed. They had no bread choices that were gluten free, a few pastries and soup, chili and salads. I had learn through my reading that some salad dressing had gluten, so ended up choosing the turkey chili with cut up fresh fruit on the side, and my husband got chips, which were gluten free. I was really sad that there was no bread I could use for a sandwich. Oh well, we went on to the gym and worked out, I came home feeling better.

The next day, I enjoyed cereal in the morning, and raisins for a snack. Then I had peanut butter on gluten free rice cakes with an orange for lunch. For dinner we went to Julie’s restaurant and I was cautious as I looked at their menu, thinking there would not be any choices for me… I was so wrong! They had several choices from gluten free pasta, to gluten free bambino pizzas, any of them! So my husband, our friend and I all got gluten free pizzas , different types, so we could try them all. I got the steak with peppers, my husband got the Mexican pizza and our friend the gluten free chicken finger pizza. Then we shared them all and enjoyed each one! The dough was lights and tasty mighty good. Thank you Julie’s Pizzeria for having choices for us!

So as I come home I open the ebook up again to read some more. I wanted to know what can I have as snacks or light meals. Apples and cheddar cheese, oh my I do love that, yogurt ( guess you have to watch some of them, they have gluten in them .. I guess for thicken) and of course fresh fruit and vegetables.   Of course I can have corn chips, they only have corn in them, and Wal mart has a gluten free cheesetoes , but your have to watch chips as some have gluten in them. And then there is salsa, or guacamole dip, again check for gluten, so I am starting to like that it does not take a lot of time to prepare some snacks. Popcorn is a good snack anytime of the day. Taco shells made from just corn are ok. Cottage Cheese, cream cheese, and with ice cream, you have to watch, because of some of the flavor there is gluten added. And Pickles… they are ok, whew…. We are good again.

Then I started reading up on different types of flours…. WOW that is a lot to take in. There are so many types of gluten free flour, rice, buckwheat, almond coconut, corn, oat and then of course, Red Mill and Hodgkins all have gluten free flour. And with some of them you have to adjust the measurement, not always 1 to 1 when you use them, and some you have to add more eggs or less eggs . This is making my head spin. I am glad we have so many choices, but wow. I love cornbread and hush puppies, and dang if some cornmeal does not have flour added. So back to reading the labels again, which I guess is not that bad of a thing. Even with the pasta… I can have beans, so I thought any pasta made with beans would be ok, but I was wrong. There was a brand ( forgot the name) of pasta made from beans, and it had wheat in it. So guess I really should stay where the gluten free items are shelved and not venture out to the rest of the store. And I can still use my sugar, or honey as sweeteners so I might even attempt to bake some… later.. So I continue to make my choices, one item at a time, one day at a time and this adventure is going along fine for now.

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