Gluten free~2nd entry



Ok, I have to research in short time periods or I just get to overwhelmed and want to quit, but that is not an option, I really want to do this. So I went to the store, got two loaves of gluten free bread to try. This one is Schar Artisan multigrain bread. Deep breath, I open the package, take out two slices, I was surprise to see that they were thick slices, ok, that is good… texture looks right, so I pop them in the toaster, added peanut butter and took my first bite. Then a second bite… and you know what? It is not bad at all! Happy Dance… I get to eat my bread. I knew that was going to be one of the things I was going to have a hard time not eating and craving. As I am doing research I guess I fall into the Gluten sensitive group… in other words, I will not get super sick if I get gluten, just may not feel real good. For a product to be labeled gluten free, it contains less than 20 parts per million, that is not much at all. Not what contains Gluten…. Wow, well, anything that has wheat, rye, barley, triticale, malt, brewer’s yeast, …. Oh boy, this may not be as easy as I was hopping for.. But I will continue to do this one item at a time, one choice at a time. As I continued to read the book had a recipe for gluten free homemade playdough… Really?!, but if you think about it, kids, being kids put everything in their mouth, and I guess it can be absorbed through you skin too. Ok, make sense.. then it goes on to say that you need to check your health products too as they may contain gluten.. as it is a thicken agents… so that means, lotions, shampoos, make up, toothpaste, mouthwash, soaps, even the glue on a envelope! Wallpaper glue… that is crazy. Ok, I promise I will not eat wall paper glue. Geez. It is time to quit reading and run some errands.

So I took a nice drive to pick up my scripts in Hamburg and stopped at Comfort Zone a little coffee shop café we enjoy. I was just going to get a cappuccino and drool over the foods I could not eat.. I happen to ask, do you have gluten free items? YES! I was able to get a breakfast sandwich , eggs, cheese, and sausage with gluten free bread. (not bacon, as it could have gluten… got to research that one) and I kid you not, it was Delicious! In their glass display case is a green tray, everything on that tray was gluten free… so I got a coffee cake to take back and try with a friend of mine. We were both surprised how good it tasted. One more choice that was gluten free and on my path to being gluten free.

I come back home and start looking through my cabinets again… found my malt vinegar, well that has to go, and then was checking out my soups… wow, either they had noodles , so they had gluten, or if they were creamy, they had wheat, so they are gone, guess it was time to clean my cupboards. So those products my husband can use if he chooses or we will donate them to the food pantry if they are unopened. So got to stock up on pasta, I had gotten some gluten free rice pasta when I went to the store, so that can be put up on the shelves, while I have to rehome the gluten pasta. Now on to the next cupboard and uh oh.. we have issues here as it holds my crackers all kinds, and of course they are all full of gluten… and I do butter churning demonstrations and now I will need some gluten free crackers to use for giving out samples to others that may be gluten free.   But the crackers that are unopened can go to my crate I have packed for the demos and can be used. Next shelve down are my pancake/waffle mixes… nope, they have to go, and then are my packets I use fro Gravy and sauces, yep, everyone of them had gluten, so those get tossed into the food pantry box. Ok, think I need to stop and breath…. Then onward I will go and so will you as I will continue writing this journal.


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