Gluten Free… here I come


Gluten Free… What?!

I have hypothryroidism, fibromyalgia and lower back degeneration for years now…. tried several different things for the pain, injections, pain meds, relaxers… all of it. I did discover I do not like the injections ( put more weight on me due to the steroids in them) and the prescription meds.. just did not like how I felt. So I started doing acupuncture and discovered it really , I mean really helped, but still needed something else, I was still having a hard time getting around. I had removed preservatives from my diet ( eating more fresh and not processed food and vegetables) and removed all artificial sweeteners, all which did help lower the fibromyalgia pain… but it was still there. On some days, it just hurt to stand, sit, move, not move… so it was recommended at my appointment, right before Thanksgiving, that I try gluten free. Gluten free…. Well, I know what it meant, but could I do it? I was sure willing to try it, sure could not hurt, so I got it in my mind to start after the holidays in the beginning of a New Year. We were heading down for a trip, and I thought… well, I could start by trying to eliminate gluten from my diet during the trip, that should be easy enough, just better choices, right? Well that is what I thought as we took off. So as we drove, I downloaded books on my kindle.. Gluten Free for dummies ( yes there is a dummy book for everything) and a few others books regarding gluten free to read. WOW, oh boy, talk about being confused and overwhelmed, maybe I could not do this. But once I calmed down, and stop trying to memorize everything and read I realized I could do this, one food item at a time, one choice at a time, after all, I was not going to go gluten free all at once, just one choice at a time and to learn to be more aware. So each stop we made for food, I just really looked at the menu and tried to make a better choice, such as, broiled, baked or blacken meat, instead of fried, fish, sigh no more fish fries, but it was healthier too, salads.. I am not a big fan of salads, but I could eat them, but now I have to watch out for some salad dressings as well. Not eating bread was one thing I knew I could do, maybe not like, but doable for the time. So I kept that in mind and I was happy that by the time we came home, I had truly eliminated about 75% of the gluten from my diet during the trip. Ok, I think I can really do this. I had a friend who was going to be my partner of sorts and encourage and guide me some, so I was not alone, and my husband also agreed to eliminate it and go gluten free at the house. (He will still get his, but supported my cooking gluten free and such) So did some more studying and started putting gluten free items on the grocery list. Now my husband does most of the grocery shopping so I checked out what I might want for breakfast type foods and put it on the list. Cheerios, and I have been eating them for years, Chex cereals were all gluten free, so I added them to the list with which one, of the Chex cereals I would like, so he could see which ones were there on the shelves and grab the ones I had on the list. Now I thought that he would come back with one or two boxes of cereal…. Imagine my surprise when he came back with eight boxes of Chex! He had gotten 2 of each one I wrote down, they were on sale….. Wow, got to love that man, now, where to put them all! I had picked up two loaves of gluten free bread, and some rice, that is gluten free ( now I am researching everything to make sure) some gluten free noodles, some gluten free crackers, lightly salted rice cakes, gravy mixes, some gluten free rice flour have everything in a basket and I am ready to start my new adventure at home. Then I decided I was going to keep a journal of my progress or lack of, what I like or did not like, for me and maybe others to follow. So here I go… Gluten free journey, adventure and what will happen. I will be healthier I know, but can I truly do it.. My daughter in law has, so she can guide me some, I have the books, a friend to help me, the support of myhusband, so the tools are in place. Deep breath, here I go!


































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