Cooking with …. my airfryer!

I have for some reason just not wanted to do a meatloaf in the airfryer.  I don’t know why, I like meatloaf… just had something holding me back.

Well the husband took out the ground meat and requested meatloaf….. so I did it. Why did I not do it sooner!

to 1 pound ground meat, you add breadcrumbs, seasons of your choice ( I did oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, black pepper) a little onion, one egg, mixed together well, and then shape the loaf.  I used the precut paper for the basket (the one with the holes in it) and added a little bar b que sauce to the top.  Air fryed at 390 for 22 mintues and it came out perfect.

For a side dish, I had a bag of baby carrots in the refrigerator that I tossed with olive oil and airfryer at 400 for 10 minutes, pulled the air fryer basket out, spritzed the carrots with a little more olive oil and shook on some brown suger and air fryed for 10 more minutes.

Under 30 minutes, a great meal for 2, and a cool kitchen.  What’s not to like!  Now that I see how easy it was and tasty, I am already wanting to do another one… and have ideas on different seasonings I can use.  My husband likes things spicey and since I now have two airfryers I can do that without having to wait until one is done..  So next time I am planning to half the ground meat and doing his with hot peppers and spices he likes and mine.  I will cut the cooking time in half to start off with and see how that goes… or maybe just make to 1 lb meatloafs and we can have left overs for sandwhiches…. mmmmm

Oh my goodness

I am sooooo in love with my Airfryer.  I kept reading how easy it was to make corn on the cob in a air fryer and just kept holding off… I don’t know why.

So today I got 4 ears of fresh corn from our local farmer’s market.  Then came home and read 6 different recipes, that were basically the same so I did what they said.  I did try to cut the ends off this time before husking them and that was super easy to husk.  just kindof rolled off the husk and most of the silks came off as well.  Then I rinsed them since I had been handling them and well just because.

Then I preheated the air fryter to 400 degrees.

Sprayed the corn with a butter spray and placed inside the basket.  Most of the recipes called for 10 minutes ( flipping half way through)  After 10 minutes, they just did not look quiet done, and the basket was really full so, added 2 more minutes and they were perfect!

The most tender corn on the cob I have had in a long time and clean up was so easy!

My husband did sauage on the grill, got done about the same time.  A quick easy meal and very tasty.  I will be doing these again!

Love my 2 Air fryers

I fell in love with my air fryer…. so much so I now have 2 air fryers.  Why you ask?  Well

One for me, and the herbs I like, and one for my husband and his spicey food.  Now I can cook both at the same time… or I can cook one doing the meat, and one for the side dish, or biscuits or scones or desserts … I love it!!

I am alos learning to tweak my recipes to both air fryer and gluten free.  Making some mistakes along the way, but that is fun too.  Now I am sharing the recipes on a air fryer recipe facebook page, and with my friends as well.  I even got one of my friends to get a air fryer and she loves it as well!

Enjoying the air fryer daily …. for all, even eggs!  Follow me and I will share more!

Oh my, I am in Love … Gluten free and Air frying

On January 24th I decided after much review and research to order a Airfyer.   Since then I have tried a few things…. the more I try in the airfyer, the more I like it…. a lot!

The best Gluten free flour I have found is King Author… they rule.  Not only do they have the best flour around, they have gluten free recipes that have been tried in their kitchens, and will chat with you when you have problems.  They are great.  For those that do not know, it is not always cup to cup ratio from regular flour to gluten free flour measurements, You have to add some other ingredents and they are wtih you each step of the way.  I share my results with them and they are so encouraging and recommend ideas to make my own recipes better.

So started with biscuits in my Air fryer and burnt the first batch… rule number one to remember… It takes less time to cook, fry, bake in a airfryer. I read that, and every reciepe I found said that, but it did not click somehow….. Ok, lesson learned.  Next batch or biscuits came out perfect!  My next try was scones.  they came out good, but I wanted to tweak the recipe a little more to get more of the fruit flavor to come through, and that has been mastered now too.  Hamburgers, onion rings, bar b qued ribs, chicken wings,  pork ribs, steak all soon followed, with wonderful results.   Tried bacon…. that one I have to work on as it depends on the thickness of the bacon, mine all came out really, really done, but dang, just got to keep trying and eating the mistakes… right?   Little pizza doughs then toppings added came next…. Wow.  The gluten free recipe for pizza dough for small pizza, I now convert to a large pizza dough use to make a big pizza for a group in the oven, but I am really prefer my airfryer for all.  I can even reheat food in the airfryer and it comes out fresh, crispy, not soggy and soo much better than microwaved.

I do not know what I like more … the ease of cleaning the airfryer, or how much faster it cooks food.  Easy to make a double batch, while you are eating one, the second batch cooks and is ready when you are….Even store bought pizza logs, and fries come out great.  a little or a lot, works well.  The unit is light enough, that we are going to use it when we travel and stay in one spot for a while.  What a great way to reheat or cook food while we enjoy the area we are at.  I enjoy eating out, but enjoy just hanging out on the beach or in the woods enjoying nature too.

Small pies, cookies and cake or brownies are my next adventure I going to attempt.  Oh the joys of Gluten free and a air fryer are wonderful.  Easy, small batches, getting braver converting my old recipes to gluten free and love finding new recipes…. Still have not found a bread recipe I like, but still have more to try..


Happy One year to us!  April 11 2019 we got the keys to our house.  What an adventure it has been…. Screened in the side porch right away, for the cats and me.  Have been enjoying the porch and yard so much.  We love the gardens that we can plant and they grows… some on the porch, some in the yard.  Peppers growing in the raised beds along with the herbs in another raised bed.  Some flowers and looking forward to planning and working on more beds of flowers.

We got the bookcases more or less organized and full of books, one in the Library ( we got a room we can call a library now!), one in the kitchen for cook books, that we need to thin out some of them for sure, one in the dinning room, that we are using for some dishes, 2 small ones in the Living room and more upstairs.

We have the Living room set up and can enjoy it.  With our TV and furniture and my little area with my computer that has a basket on it for my Frazer.  We get to watch the birds at the bird feeders from the window, entertain family and friends in here.

We got a bar b que grill and Thomas has been making some awesome food on it during the warm months, and I got a air fryer and have been having a great time trying recipes out … we have the room to cook now, having a large kitchen, with 6 outlets, we do not have to move anything to plug something else in.

Our dining room now houses ( and used) the family table that we are the 4th or 5th generation to use it.  It has three leafs and can sit 12 easily, more if we sit closer.  Has the large claw like feet and is perfect.  It was used for Thanksgiing and Christmas for the family dinners … how exciting to be able to have them here, have the room and enjoy the family!

We had our first Christmas tree in the house,  Our neighbor had a old artifical tree that was awesome ( thank you Joe and Joni Krzes) and we had lights and got some orniments from Thomas parents, plus what we had and I think it was a perfect tree.  We put the grandkids gifts under the tree, and the cats loved sleeping under it.  What fun it was to have the family over and have Christmas here at the house.  Thomas’s mom has done the family gatherings for years, and I am glad to be able to take over and give her a break.  She still cooks some foods for the meals, but now does not have the burden or the meals and house to get ready each time.

Now we are starting to decorate and I am turning some of my photos into canvas art for the walls.  So many ideas we want to do and just have to pick one or two to do at a time.  We are looking forward to having family and friends stop by more often, and doing fun things here at the house.

What gardens can we plan this year?  What are we going to add to the yard, or change? How can we arrange the back rooms to make them more easy to get to items?  How shall we do the upstairs guest room?  Should we redo the front porch?  All the questions that homeowners have and now we do too!

I can say that we have settled in nicely with our furry and feathered friends ( Frazer, Rosebud and Akela) Have great neighbors that are so helpful and friendly.  Folks that walk their animals up and down our street and wave or stop to talk as they go by.


Crazy times

After 3 plus weeks of staying home due to the coronavirus lockdown, I decided to document the adventures so far.

I go to the store once a week, picking up just what I need and not over stocking on items.  During this time I have had the time to try new recipies in my air fryer, some our wonderful, some … well…. I will work on or just not use again.  I have tried some of my gluten free recipes for bread and pizza dough.  Wow, guess I have to work on the pizza dough… to runny, but tasted ok, the breads… guess I just have to work on them.  I like the biscuits better, so maybe will stick to that.

I have read some books, ok, a lot of books, but that is  my thing anyhow.  I got into a series I like and have the whole series almost read… all 20 of them. Then have a few other books in my chache to read.

I have started going through my photographs and trying to put them into folders to make them easier to find… and edit them.

I have unpacked a few boxes from when we moved…. and cleaned the house some…

I have cleaned out the bird feeders, moved where I had them, braced the sheperd hooks they hang from.  refilled them and placed them back out, much to the birds delight.  Wow, I have all kinds of birds showing up.  English starlings, Golden finches, house wrens, sparrows, black capped chick a dees, cardinals, Bluejays, mourning doves, Crows, dark eyed junos, and a few other little fast birds that zoom in and out before I can id them… for now.

I have watched a few shows through Amazon, some great archoelogy shows, walking around Europe, Mystery shows… but can not watch many at one time.  I have crafts I can be doing, but just have not gotten then desire long enough to do them yet.

My husband has worked 6 days a week delivery mail…. it is like Christmas for him with all the packages that are being sent and ordered. I have called and checked on friends to make sure they are ok, and sent a few cards out to cheer them.

Of course I have my bird Akela to sing to me and be silly to bring a smile to our face.  My two cats who are both seniors… Frazer who is 18 years old, stays near me at all time, no matter what room I am in, and Rosebud who is almost 20 to talk, ok, sometimes yell at me, to keep me motivated!

Check on neighbors and friends during this time… by phone calls or notes.  We all have the ability to check up and bring cheer to folks.   By being careful We can get through all of this.

I got myself a Air fryer!


I am so in love.  I got myself a fryer and wow… why did I not get one sooner!  From Scones and biscuits to meats, a perfect size for me and my husband.  Cooks fast and clean up is a breeze.  Learning how to use gluten free flour in place of regular flour, and changing my recipes I like.  King Author is the best gluten free flour I have found so far, and I am also starting to introduce some of the old grain flours in my diet and my pain levels do not seem to be effective by adding them in.

I just do not like the taste of white bread, and the size of some of the other gluten free breads are tiny, hard to make a sandwhich out of them.  I am determine to learn how to make gluten free breads I like and will continue to do so.  I already make my own butter… been doing butter demostrations using a Daisy glass jar for over 10 years now for kids and seniors and at events.  I am much demand and my schedule fills up fast.  While doing these demos, I always get that group that are gluten free, so a cracker is not for them, nor can they use the same butter samples as others. So now I keep one fresh butter plain, and one fresh butter with a flavor I add (usually seasons, herbs, sometimes other flavors), just for the gluten free crowd… seperate, from the rest of the samples.  I have been getting different GF crackers for them to use, seperate, as well as the knives for the butter.  Now when I give demos, I seem to be talking about not only how to make butter, but how to eat and cook gluten free.

I turn 65 this year, and guess I have found my niche of doing demos, and research assisting for geneaology.  I have been writing Looking Back articles on the history of the town, the people and other things from the past, for one of our local papers now… going on 3 years.  I still take photos and turn them into cards and canvas for the wall, still play with my needled felting pictures.  I go into the schools once or twice a year with artifacts from the past and talk to the kids about first resource… (LOL I have added a rotater phone now)  I also take in old newspapers, journals, photos that have been donated from family, and maps and work with the teachers to explain how to use them.   I love seeing the younger people and hear their take on items I bring.  We are raising a group of kids that are going to do so much more than we ever even thought of.  Glad I can be a small part of that.

As it is March, starting to think of our gardens and what we want in them, and the herbs… starting to see some of what I did get planted last year, shooting up through the dead growth … has to be time to get ready.  Song birds are back and my first thing we are doing this year is making a better feeding station for them, with flowers like sunflowers and others ones for the hummingbirds, along with a bird bath and such… We have a corner of our front yard that has a small decortive maple tree and a corner fence on two sides, not the easiest to mow, so we will convert that area.  I should be able to get some great bird photos there…Yes the worst of winter is over (we really had a mild winter… yes a few times of massive snow, but never really lasted long) and Spring is coming.  got to work on trying to walk more, but that too will be easier with the warmer weather… and the sun is shinning!  so let that sunshine in!


0125201013So, I purchased a Cosori Air Fryer.  It is usually just my husband and I eating and we do not need to cook alot, and they looked really useful when making small amounts.  Also since I still do gluten free, I thought I could create my food in the Cosori Air Fryer… things like biscuits, and small pizza, etc.  Well, I think this little unit is going to be used a lot!

They always come with recipes, and this one was not exception… so as I am going through the little cook book I see a scone recipe that looked good, so thought I would try it.  At first I thought I would make it with regular flour the first time to see how it came out, but talked myself out of that and used my King Author Gluten Free flour, I made orange walnut GF scones.  I used fresh oranges so it was a little sticky, so just added some more flour when I turned it out on the board.  I patted down on the cutting board, and cut triangles.  My little airfryer could hold 4 at a time, so no problem, used the parchement paper as they recommended and baked.  They recommended 350 for 12 minutes.  I did 350 for 10 minutes, and they came out perfect, as you can see above.  I did the next 4 and think I might could even drip the cook time down to 9 minutes.  Oh me Oh my how good they are.  Melt in your mouth.  All flavors just pop out.  This recipe is a keeper for sure

Now tonight I am going to try Chicken wings, GF of course.  On a roll, think I might be on a cooking mood for a while with my new Cosori Air fryer. I will post more as I cook using this new air fryer…. fast, easy to use, and clean….. what is not to like!

Happy Thanksgiving Our first in the house

Wow…. Had our first BIG dinner at our new house.  It turned out awesome.  We had 12 people in all.  We have the family table that has been passed on through the family, which had 3 leaves .. all were in, and we were able to all sit and enjoy the wonderful meal and not be crowded, and thus carring on the tradition of eating around the table.  I cooked up the Turkey, mashed potatoes, Gluten Free cornbread stuffing ( that has been in my family, but convert to Gluten Free) and gravey, others brought coleslaw, green beans, rolls, cranberry jello salad ( it is fantastic), home made applesause, pickles, homemade butter, and all kinds of desserts, some gluten free.  There was wassil (hot and cold), coffee, water, sweet tea, pop and water to drink.  What a wonderful meal, and not many leftovers!

After the meal, the grandchildren decorated the Christmas tree, and did a good job.  Some moved to the Living room to watch football, Thomas’s sister, Bonnie and Laura, were great and cleaned up the kitchen, put the food up…. I appreciated it so much.  I was able to go from room to room and enjoy all the family .  Lots of room so no one was crowded and all got to visit and enjoy all of the family.

Today ( the day after) I am just resting… I am still pooped, but enjoyed having the house open and for people to come over and help us celebrate our first Thanksgiving in our house.  No drama, Now and want to plan another meal here.

I got some great gluten free cookbook that explain the differences of the different brands of gluten free flours and mixes.  Explains what to add when making food from scratch which I don’t understand, but leaning still. The GF cornbread came out great, which made very tasty stuffing, adding celery, onion, garlic, apples and walnuts, then adding chicken brooth and eggs.  all loved it.  Today I am going to sit and go through the cookbooks and research some more food I want to try.

I hope all out there got to enjoy the day with family and friends and eat, and laugh, and enjoy the day to the fullest, as I sure did!



So, I am learning more and more about going gluten free.  We went on a 4 day weekend and on day one, I ate somewhat normal, which meant I ate items that had gluten in them.  Not alot, but I was not sticking to what I know works for me… and I paid for it.  By the end of the first day my pain levels were super high…. could not even touch my legs without them hurting… my fault, I know better, but did it anyway.

The next day we went to the King Authur Flour Company in Norwich, Vermont. (      If you ever get the chance to go… do so.  Not only can you see the factory, they have a cafe there that serves food made with the flour,  sitting area inside, or outside under the sun, or in the back under a porch, all surround by beautiful trees and landscaping. A store that is to die for, oh my, everything and anything you could ever need or wish for in it, Schools to learn how to bake and classes and so much more.  Parking was easy,  getting around was easy.

One of the reasons I wanted to go was to see what all they had that was Gluten Free and be able to try some. The stores of course do not carry all the products and I did not like the idea of ordering anything unless I have tried it.  Once we got there, I was amazed… Geez, from pie crust, to cookies, to breads, to flours that measure 1 to 1, or all purpose flours, and people who could explain to you all.  Recipes on their website, blogs on gluten free you can follow… it was awesome.  So we ended up buying alot of items… 4 large bags full, but all things I will use.  Some mixes, for everything.  While I was there I learned that you can not convert all the recipes in your personal collection to gluten free, just by measurements, but need to add some xanthan gum Or it will not rise well even with yeast.  There were other things that you need to change, and people there explained it well ( as does their webpage)  There are also promotions and the more you buy the more $$ you get off in the coming months.

They give you tips and ideas and phone numbers to call, or a email to send them any questions or problems that you have.  After buying our house in April, I kindof just let things get dropped that I was doing or putting it off, but back on the ball again, and looking forward to trying all of the things we bought.  I will be learning how to cook using the items and adding what I need to for them to come out and will keep everyone posted that is following me.  Looking forward to the pie crust alone…. and then Pizza dough.  Just so excited that we got there and got to spend as much time as I wanted there, is such a beautiful setting with knowledgable people.  The sandwhich I had was wonderful on gluten free bread, tasted like regular bread.  The chicken salad that we bought to take back to our hotel room was wonderful, and they even had hand crafted marshmellows!  I have so found a place we will go back to again.  Yes as I need I will order more to replace my pantry as I use these mixes and flours up, if I can not find them in the store.  They are cheaper at King Authur website… so look out mailman, Going to be some boxes coming my way from now on!